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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sometimes you just have to pound your head...

to keep from pounding you fist. I hate call centers... not the people because bless their hearts, they're working on the phone with irritated people and their boss expects them to calm customers down, fix the problem and never say or do anything to make the problem worst... you know this problem that a mad person on the phone is trying to tell you about...

I won't say I've never been one of those mad customers.... I so relate to the Direct TV ad where the guy wakes up in a drainage ditch... I've felt like that after talking to my cable provider's call center.

Here are a few things I've learned...

1. If you talk sharp the call center person will be less helpful... you've already showed that you don't expect her to fix it.

2. When you ask for a supervisor they will put you on hold... expect it ... or say the supervisor will need to call you back because they are helping other customers... this means (I kid you not) they're all supervisors except for the office manager and he has gone to lunch. You know how they make you push all these buttons... they all go to the call center answering floor... how do I know ... I got the same person for repairs, billing, customer service and tech support.... interesting isn't it

3. If you're going to get mad, ... no cursing please, broaden your vocabulary and use powerful words not hurtful ones...get really mad and get the call center person confused... she or he will accidentally hang up on you and BAM free month of cable ... just call back and talk to the supervisor ... and yes wait for them to call you back if necessary.

4. Here is your ace in the hole... take the time to know who is the boss of the local cable office and how do you get in touch with him. If you do call him to get results, ooooh no call center.

So instead of pounding your head or acting like a brat with bad behavior and speech... learn how to take action... it gets more done.

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