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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Spiritual Journey First Thursday for August

How many times have you said... "I wish I could start over.  I would do things different."  
You're wishing for a new beginning.  Check out Julianne's web page and read about her "New Beginnings" 

Stop and think about it, every step is a new beginning. 

 Heck, every breathe brings you to a new place.  

So instead of new beginnings, I like to say a new awareness of life.  

When I was young everything was in the moment... let tomorrow's worries wait until then but as I got older I pondered on tomorrow.  Such a waste of time.  

 Now I'm older enough to realize you should cherish what you have.... right now...love your life...NOW... plan for a future but not at the expensive of today.  

Take today's steps slowly and relish where they take you... because you might not walk them again.