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The world looks better from the back of a horse and the roads of life are easier with a good dog beside you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Storm Clouds on the Horizon

When you see dark menacing clouds boiling across the sky, what emotion does it trigger?

 Fear?  Why?

  They're just clouds and they might be the messenger of things to come but then again they might not... I rather enjoy the emotional rush of wind snatching my hair and smelling the different scents dancing and twirling around me...telling me where they have been.

Anxiety? Why?

Nothing will stop the force of nature and you waste so much time and drain your appreciation of the storms beauty. Storms have marched across our world since the beginning of time.  They clean the air, pump energy into mother earth and teach us to enjoy the bright gift of sunny skies.

I've got my patio furniture tucked away in the garage.... not stupid...but I'm ready to enjoy whatever God sends our way.  What is going to happen will happen and it doesn't need my fear or anxiety to help it.

The dark clouds propose is to frame those perfect days, the ones with plenty of sun and birds singing... how would we know those days were perfect if we didn't have imperfect days.

Hope everyone enjoys the excitement of the coming storm and be safe.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Prompts I just love em

Here is what I see in this picture... would love to know what you see

      Like a sailor on a ship, I stand with my feet apart and face my demons.  I scan the white cap waves that resemble my life.  They roll meekly, to their death, licking at the shore like a friendly dog.  A person could be deceived and step into the false security they paint.  With one deadly surge, they’ll reveal their dark-side and pull the innocent into the endless purgatory below the surface.
            Sirens sound behind me and like a fox cornered by hounds, I start to tremble.  Ahead is my only escape but what lies beyond it?  With leaded feet, I step into the surf and beginning my journey to judgment.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What I miss

Over the last fifteen years I've lost two nephews and one great nephew.  All were to traffic accidents.  The first was Keith who was 27 years old when he was killed.  What I miss about him is his bone crushing hugs and mischievous grin.  His deep love for family was evident at every gathering and he made everyone smile just with his presence.

Next was Donnie (Bubba) thirty-five when he crashed his motorcycle.  He was raised next door to me and was like another.  I will never be able to make a cheese cake without feeling him looking over my shoulder.  He was quieter than Keith but also had that tinkle in his eyes.  You never knew when he would pull a prank on you and he loved to push your buttons just to see how far he could go.... not far with me and he loved it.

Next was sweet Kevin who was killed two years ago today.  He was only seventeen.  He was a gentle giant that love animals and children.  He could crush opponents on the football field but also pick up a puppy without even waking it up.

 Every time I sit on my front porch I hear and see him.  "Hey Aunt Pat, guess what... or can I talk to you or what would you do"  I can still see him walking though my yard always with a smile and a wave.

What I miss is the small things... smiles, hugs and I love ya Aunt Pat.  A hard day but also good reminder to enjoy people you love now because you don't know how long you will be able say "I love you or I'm proud of you"

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter makes me crazy... er

When I'm in a cold, drabby world it makes my brain think of stupid things ... like how a double double roll of bathroom tissue is good to relieve stress.... you don't think so???
How stressed are you when your on the throne and figure out the roll is empty and the extra is more than an arm reach away.  If you buy the double double roll (same as 4 regular rolls but who really buys regular rolls anymore)  your stress level will be cut in half.  I'm waiting for them to patent a roll that is a year supply that you build a special cabinet near or around your throne to hold it... Yep  definitely getting deep at the old Weaver house.

Another thing that winter and gloomy days does is kick up my "you've got to cook, wash, clean"  made a pork roast with all the trimmings for supper, cooked a pot of white beans and made four loaves of my Hawaiian banana nut bread... its just me and Ronnie...??? I guess friends and neighbors will benefit.

Here's to a sunny day tomorrow... been thinking about pulling out quilt pieces. Lord help me to not start that... Ronnie hates all the strings and I do not need another quilt.

Here's my recipe for the bread.... but I do one and half the ingredients except pineapple and I put an entire can... and I divide to make four loaves and I put more nuts... don't really measure just pour till it feels right.  you've got all that, right?