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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Storm Clouds on the Horizon

When you see dark menacing clouds boiling across the sky, what emotion does it trigger?

 Fear?  Why?

  They're just clouds and they might be the messenger of things to come but then again they might not... I rather enjoy the emotional rush of wind snatching my hair and smelling the different scents dancing and twirling around me...telling me where they have been.

Anxiety? Why?

Nothing will stop the force of nature and you waste so much time and drain your appreciation of the storms beauty. Storms have marched across our world since the beginning of time.  They clean the air, pump energy into mother earth and teach us to enjoy the bright gift of sunny skies.

I've got my patio furniture tucked away in the garage.... not stupid...but I'm ready to enjoy whatever God sends our way.  What is going to happen will happen and it doesn't need my fear or anxiety to help it.

The dark clouds propose is to frame those perfect days, the ones with plenty of sun and birds singing... how would we know those days were perfect if we didn't have imperfect days.

Hope everyone enjoys the excitement of the coming storm and be safe.

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