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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A word picture for you

Today I rearranged my chickens love life.  I have many breeds but only two pure blood roosters.  I have a Speckled Sussex's so I put him with my three speckled hens and to just see what happens with my white leghorn hens.  Update in about two months

I borrowed my son-in-law's blue lace wyandotte rooster and put him with my blue lace hens and my golden lace wyandotte hens (again just to see what I get)

I have 22 five day old babies in the brooding house and 17 three month old easter egger babies in the small pen.
Now comes the pimping part.... I loaning my Rhode Island Red rooster to my neighbor so she can get replacement babies for her layers for next year.  This time next year she's going to retire her hens to my chicken pen.  She has limited space and can only keep ten hens.... I have plenty of space for too many hens, heheheh

Now for the word visually

I'm in shorts and a jacket... is hell freezing over???...racing across my field in my Polaris ranger with a chicken in one hand and driving with the other... with 16 eggs I had gathered in my jacket pocket... who needs a basket.