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Sunday, September 11, 2016

I would rather be a Honey Bee

I've been looking around at our world and realized that I'm now part of the generation that frowns on change.  My Granny thought Elvis Presley was a tool of the devil... and we won't even talk about the Beatles, mini-skirts and bell bottom jeans.
So I started thinking of ways I can relay my feeling about today's changes with comparison.

I would rather be a Honey Bee than a Mosquito.

Let me explain why.

A Honey Bee replenishes life.  The plant life on earth would be in trouble without them.  And how many diseases have you ever hear of that a honey bee transmits? They are perfectly happy to do their job and co-exist with other forms of life.  But they will defend their home and family to the death if invaded. 

Now, a Mosquito sucks the life out of every warm blooded life form around them and they do not discriminate.   They are host to many terrible diseases.  They do not work for their food but wait for a meal to show up.  They only worry about themselves.

Now I'm not saying everything today is like the Mosquito.... but the family unit is almost a thing of the pass.  More children today are raised by grandparents than by their parents. 

 If you're willing to work hard for you dreams you are called a fool.  Play the system and get it for free or steal it... 

Children today have so many pressures and are not allowed to be children long.  Playball for a scholarship or score high on this test.  If you score too low you've let everybody down... class, teacher, school, parents.

That is so not true.  The only way you let anyone down is not to try your best.  If you work hard and reach for the dreams that will make you happy... you are a success and everyone that loves you will be proud of the person you become.  

The old saying money can't buy you happiness isn't exactly true... we need money to live but too much money changes us and makes us slaves to it... we have to protect it, hide it and make it grow.   

I just want to care for my hive (the people around me... family friends community, country)  work hard and make the world a better place because I pollinated it with love and kindness... and a few grumpy words... will maybe more than a few.