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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thinking about finishes...

I have two quilts... no wait three quilts, pieces laid out ready to be pieced... well one is waiting for me to get the back together... Three people
I have a manuscript waiting for me to write more than a page every other day... sigh
I have a blog that I've neglected
We won't even talk about the dust on my furniture and how bad my floors need mopping.
Clothes to fold, and  deep cleaning to start before Thanksgiving ... only seven weeks away.

I know it's early but my New Year resolution for 2013 will be... I will be a finisher not just a beginner.  I will not start another project until the last one is finished.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are you smarter than a fifth grader??

I write this little article every month for a local kid's newspaper ... I do it for free.. this is October's submission.  See how many you get right.

Election Day November 6, 2012

1.      Only one President of the United States was not affiliated with a political party when elected to office.   Who was it?

A.    George Washington

B.     John Adams

C.     John Taylor

D.    James Knox Polk


2.      When the Democratic-Republican Party spit, one part formed the Democratic Party of today and the other part formed what party?

A.    The Federalist Party

B.     The Republican Party

C.     The Whig Party

D.    None of the above


3.      Who was the first elected Democratic Party president?

A.    Andrew Jackson

B.     Thomas Jefferson

C.     John Quincy Adams

D.    Millard Fillmore


4.      Who was the first elected Republican Party president?

A.    Zachary Taylor

B.     John Tyler

C.     Abraham Lincoln

D.    Ulysses S. Grant


5.      Only two elected Presidents of the United States refused their presidential salary, George Washington and who was the second?

A.    Theodore Roosevelt

B.     Woodrow Wilson

C.     Harry S. Truman

D.    John Fitzgerald Kennedy


6.      What is today’s salary for the President of the United States?

A.    400,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars for expenses

B.     750,000 dollars and 50,000 dollars for expenses

C.     1,00,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars for expenses

D.    2,000,000 dollars and 500,000 dollars for expense




1. A

2. C

3. A

4. C

5. D

6. A






Friday, September 21, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

You might not know that I apply movie's to every day events...

The Good.... I bought a solid oak roll top desk today ... well in truth I almost stole it , very very good price

The Bad... it's going to take four able people to move it and it has to be moved by tomorrow morning and I was leaving at 10 am to go watch Lake ride

The Ugly... getting my husband to change his plans to help me move it.

But he is and I will post pictures in a day or two.

the picture I'm posting came off web... not really mine but looks like mine

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dogs... where would we be without them

I'm not an insecure person.  I don't need total admiration from anyone or anything.  I don't need protection... I can protect myself
But I do need my dog.  When I stroke her soft fur and see her run to greet me even though I've only be gone a few minutes... when I see this gentle creature bare her teeth at a stranger she feels might hurt me... I feel humble that this loyal creature picked me

Dogs are not people... thank goodness... they are dogs and will love you for who and what you are and never never will they betray you.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wow, I just reread my last post

Can anyone say cranky??
Much better today.  I love rainy days.... I get all snug in my pj's and watch a movie... rainy days mean slow at work and I get to come home early.
I know y'all roll your eyes when you see another picture of Lake and Saban but I'm just so proud of them.  Lake's Daddy told her this weekend that he was going to let her go to Nationals... have I posted that she made the Nationals and you can only go if you're invited and have I mentioned that she is only 15... I know I know... I'm just so proud. 

She didn't win the buckle this weekend even though she took first place... she only got second last month and they added the two scores together... she came in second for the buckle but they only gave one away.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm running away... who wants to come with me???

I really really really don't like election years... or I'm all for the right to vote but just because you run for office doesn't give you the right to lie... and lie... and lie
And just because you support someone doesn't give you the right to call me every day... and ask me who am I voting for when you know I'm a Democratic... who do you think I'm voting for and don't judge me because I support that party... I don't judge you or ask you questions that is none of my business.
See why I'm running away... please stop calling me you polling people... please lets all be nicer and realize that we really don't need to vote either one of these guys into office... lets get someone who has worked... really worked with his hands and raised a family and saved the family business with his or her blood, sweat and tears... and a little smarts that you can't spend more than you make.

This was not a political announcement and I'm sorry for blowing off steam but I've worked hard this week and I need my nap in the evening not the phone ringing in my ear and someone I don't know calling by my first name ... and asking me how was I doing tonight... my answer, "Fine until you called"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Age tarishes our understanding

Sunday was decoration at the church where my husbands family is buried.  The family gathered to honor their mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, great....etc  and the three young boys this family has lost in the last fourteen years... Keith who died at age 27 fourteen years ago, Donnie (or as we called him Bubba) who died at age 32 and isn't buried with the Weaver family but is buried with his Dad's family... but was thought about on this day... and Kevin who died this year at age 18.
Now some would say this day was a sad occasion, but I would like to remind y'all that anytime a family gathers ... nearly all members down to the youngest great, great member.. well that can not be a bad day.
I'm rambling to get to the point... which is another age problem.  I don't understand the language of the kids of this generation, or the music or the actions.  They're all good kids but where is the desire to play, the desire to visit with cousins they've not seen in months, the desire to get away from the adults... far far away from the adults.
It was a good day but it made me think about how things have changed... life moves on and situations change ... this is a good thing... just different.

I wonder how many times my grandmother thought these same thoughts.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Same movie different results

I watched "Holes" with my grandson... who is getting so grown up that I have to find things to do for him to spend time with me...  but the little birds will fly and think that the entire world is for them until a hawk circles by, but that is another story.
I've seen "Holes" many times and I've always liked the movie... the book is better of course...today I saw and enjoyed parts of the movie I didn't even remember being in there.  Kane is so funny and has a humours outlook on life.  Listening to him laugh and saying cool... at parts of the movie I had not seen as funny or cool made me take another look at the scenes and some of them was cool and yes I laughed but at Kane more than the movie.
Ella is spending the night tonight... I know these times will come to an end and I will miss them.  I hope I've made coming to Granny's a happy event that they will repeat with their grandchildren.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Shifting Gears

When you have kids in school Labor Day means shifting from the lazy, sleeping late days of summer (kind of like having you life in first gear... you know your days still go forward but not at a neck breaking speed and sometimes there is jerks and bumps that changes your day)
Then Sept comes and BAM your in fifth gear racing.  Mornings you drag yourself out of bed and groan at the list of events, chores, things that need your attention.  You call, threaten and finally drag the kids out of bed ... settle fights, look for homework papers, scrape up money for any number of reasons and fly out the door five minutes before first bell... as you wait in line to exit the school parking lot you notice you have on two different shoes and have to go home which means you'll be late for work.
Work is the easy part of your day unless one of the kids get sick, or get in trouble, or they forgot something...
Then comes late afternoon... football practice or games, cheerleader practice or games... many more sporting events, school functions eating up your afternoon... and after doing all of this you have to cook supper, wash at least two loads of clothes and get the kiddos started on homework.
Then comes evening... getting everyone in the shower and if you have a pre-teen boy, trying to not lose your cool when he balks at the mention of water... settle more fights and clean up the kitchen, pick up clutter, give kisses goodnight and tell your husband... "Not tonight honey, I have an entire body headache."
Then on Saturdays you start at the same time but you'll trying to get the house clean and all the clothes done, grocery list made ... then the kids get up and it's birthday parties, shopping, picking up kids, dropping kids off, running errands for everyone in the family, friends over for cook out that night and dropping into bed at midnight.
Sunday's are crazy too.... getting everyone ready for church.. ironing clothes, putting on buttons, finding shoes... you doze during service if you kids sit with friends but if they sit with you ... well your breaking up fights and making threats in church.  After church... dinner, then watching a movie with husband who has felt neglected, then getting ready for school tomorrow.  Fun times!  You will miss all those crazy times.

If you're old as I am... summer is crazy... with garden and flowers and of course my part time job is busier in summer... dog grooming... but when fall comes I look forward to slower pace.  Watching football games with my husband, quilting and I always write more in fall and winter.  So I guess you could say that with cooler weather, I shift down to a lower gear and enjoy the scenery more.