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Friday, September 7, 2012

Same movie different results

I watched "Holes" with my grandson... who is getting so grown up that I have to find things to do for him to spend time with me...  but the little birds will fly and think that the entire world is for them until a hawk circles by, but that is another story.
I've seen "Holes" many times and I've always liked the movie... the book is better of course...today I saw and enjoyed parts of the movie I didn't even remember being in there.  Kane is so funny and has a humours outlook on life.  Listening to him laugh and saying cool... at parts of the movie I had not seen as funny or cool made me take another look at the scenes and some of them was cool and yes I laughed but at Kane more than the movie.
Ella is spending the night tonight... I know these times will come to an end and I will miss them.  I hope I've made coming to Granny's a happy event that they will repeat with their grandchildren.


Joyce Lansky said...

Holes is a great book and movie, but I know what you mean about enjoying one's reaction to it best of all. Will I see you in Nashville next week?


StableGranny said...

nope... I'm going to be conference free this year... will miss ya
enjoy seeing my friends but I need to get my butt in a chair and write instead of spending money and still not write.