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The world looks better from the back of a horse and the roads of life are easier with a good dog beside you.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I love horses... and my grandchildren

Jase and Lake had pictures taken with their horses. I love this senior picture of Jaselynn Audrey Swann... and the horse is Scout.


My eyes reflect your world
But doesn't show my heart

My trust is earned
But doesn't win my heart

My back will carry you
But doesn't bare my heart

Gentle words, soft hand
Opens up my heart

Kindred spirits facing the wind
Hear the beat of my heart

Free to race, free to be
You are my heart

I hate it when I do stupid things

One... I fell down the stairs
Two ... I was walking on flat ground and tripped on a rock and BAM ... bruised my shoulder and put a boo-boo on my knee.

I don't know what's up... usually I'm very balance... didn't want to use the word grace because that would be a lie but I keep my center. I've not just fell down in years and years.

Should I start checking out Old StableGranny Homes??

Monday, August 29, 2011

Beauty after the storm

There have been amazing pictures posted at face book of Hurricane Irene. Isn't funny when a storm is named after someone you know, it takes on that person's personality.

Thus... I love that word thus... makes you sound Shakespearean... anyway this storm has made me think of my friend Irene. Every time reporters talked about how violent, destructive, relenting, massive I've thought it can't be... it's named after the sweetest, most caring, quiet person I know. If they ever get to the P's and there is a storm named Patricia... look out world.

These pictures are the skies of Irene off North Carolina. The photographer gave permission to use if the user would included her web address. She is an amazing photographer so I'm happy to pass it on.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Daddy was 82 yesterday

Even when you're 60 years old, your Daddy still has a special place in your heart.

He might be rude at times and always blunt... sometimes he has a heart as big as the universe then other times almost mean in what he says and does... but even through we've not always seen things alike... I love my Daddy.

He won't come see me, he thinks I should always come see him. But he was there for me and my brothers when we was growing up... he provided for us and made sure we got an education.

Happy Birthday, Logan Wallace Trousdale, Jr. better know as Little Jack.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Riddle for you

What's wrinkled and saggy
What's is red, black, blue, brown and tan
And doesn't bounce?

Me, I fell down the stairs... well really just the last five...took the skin off my wrist, elbow and shoulder and the top of my toes on my left foot. That was interesting thing... I tried to catch and caused my left leg to go under me and those dang toes hurt the worst.
Ronnie heard something and called, "What are you doing?'
Me: "Falling down the stairs." :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Imspiration in clutter

If you have never been to my house... you might not know I'm a organizer. Not the obsessive kind but I like things to have a place and be in that place, even outside. But -- all ways a but, my writing room. I try... really I do but this picture is how it looks most of the time.

I wonder if my "keep everything where is should be" chokes my creativity?? Well, I'm not going to change so I guess maybe I can just sit in my office to feel the inspiration.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Poetry Friday .... for Irene

I wrote a poem about Nuggett that I would like to share. Remember I'm not a poet but write poems or something like poems. :)

One picture is Nuggett (the red halter) and his mother Goldie and my son's dog Jeannie

One picture is Nuggett and Lisa... the lady that bought him

One picture is me and Nuggett on the trail.


Liquid honey colored eyes
Glazes at the person deep inside.
Past this earthy flesh
And only sees the very best.
I confide to him my troubles and woos
Knowing he won’t tell another soul.
I tell him my dreams, secrets and plans
He listens and loves me without demands.
He tosses his head and stomps his feet
As if to say come with me.
Come along and race with me
Across the ridges of Tennessee.
Leave behind your earthy shell
Open your soul and be yourself.
There is one simple fact
When I climb upon this horse’s back.
For a short time I have a life
Free from trouble and strife.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rejected today... bummer

So how do I deal with rejection... I go to one of my favorite place where I was at peace. Couldn't really go riding today and couldn't ride Nuggett the best horse I ever rode since I sold him back in 1997 when Ronnie had his accident. But I could look at this picture and remember how great that day was being on a horse and enjoying the day with friends.

Am I crushed that I was rejected... well I don't know anyone that likes to get a rejection letter or email but I knew it was a long shot.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Alabama Quilt

Selling it was like selling one of my kids...I can give them to good homes but this one is going to college with Missy's friend... Russ is a good kid but I will cry if someone steals it from him. Lots of work.

Don't you just love the elephant stitching!

Roll Tide ... Yea Alabama, Crimson Tide...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What have I been doing....

Not posting much... ha.. quilting of course and finishing historical fiction novel (well it was finished but needed a little dash of spice and something to kick up the ending... did that... Hey!)
I got the Alabama quilt done that is the first quilt I did for someone else... sorry forgot to get a picture but will see if the lady will take one.
Finished the front side of my friend Pam's quilt. Pam if you read this blog don't look at the quilt... it is not for your birthday... it is for another friend named Pam who loves quilts... not you
Y'all think she will believe me?? I guess it's a good thing she only reads this blog when we talk about something I've posted.
This quilt is a patchwork charm quilt with 320 different squares. The back will be a Christmas quilt so she can use it year round.
There's no design theme, no color theme, varied styles, textures, and prints... sort of like me.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

II dislike bullies... even little ones that haven't learned the bad words yet!!!!

I hate, hate, hate bullies! Why? Maybe because I was a bully as a child. I know say it's not true but I did have a head strong personality and wanted everything my way. (everyone that knows me I can hear you saying did have! wanted!) Now I didn't take money or call name... no no... I would just smack you if you didn't do what I wanted done. I know not a pretty picture but I promise I've overcome this childhood imperfection and never smack people... I just verbally bully them into doing what I want done. :)

You might ask what happened. My granddaughter Lakelynn got braces today and posted this picture on FB and a little boy comment that she was ugly (not the first time he has said mean things about her on FB) When I posted to call him down for being "a mean girl" (I use that term even to boys because when they say ugly things it makes be think of bratty girls that say hurtful things) This little social bully back talked me.... oh my.... I just informed him he had a very unusual name and I think I could easily find out who his parents were and let them know he is being a bully online (forgot to mention he goes to her school and lives in same town as me). I looked at his profile and his parents can't know what this kid is doing... he has a general public account. Anyone can look at his wall and he posted his cell phone on his wall... YIKES ... Lake isn't the only one he is mean to and most likely his parents won't do anything but I have to try for the girls that don't have a granny that will.

OH MY... I just got a "I'm sorry" to me and Lakelynn. I told him I was reporting him to FB.. that bluff worked :)

We all need to do something about this abuse and I am going to ask Lake to unfriend him. In true, I feel sorry for the little fellow... he is thirteen, not so little but...I wonder if he gets name calling at home or at school.

I posted a picture without the huge sunglasses. I would say she is far from ugly, wouldn't you!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need yoga or a beautiful sunset

If I have to pick anymore butter beans I'm going to turn into a butter bean... and I don't even like butter beans. Why did I plant three rows??? Crazy! No, it is because I love my husband and they are his favorite vegetable...uck!
I've hated butter beans since I was a small child and my mother made me eat them. I would pack them in my jaw, ask to be excused and go to the bath to spit them in the toilet. Did my mother know I was doing that?? I didn't think so when I was little but I can believe she didn't see my chipmunk cheeks when I asked to be excused.

Anyway the I'm totally stressed with grandkids and friends. Why do kids not talk in a normal voice and why do they text when the person is standing next to them?????

I've got them watching a movie so it's a little better. I have four phones that are vibrating constantly but they're staying in my office with the door shut. We're going bike riding when the movie is over.

Can't wait for that peaceful sunset, googled yoga and there isn't a chance I can bend this old body into those positions. Love these kids but why do they always bring friends and why do I always say "sure you can bring a friend."

My daughter took this picture in Panama City last week.

Friday, August 5, 2011

My chicks are gowning up

Just to give y'all an update on baby chicks. The guineas didn't do well... they are very spooky and the least little thing scares they into flight and once they get to the woods they're food for... owls, hawks. coons, snakes, etc etc
So the guinea I have left is the one that thinks it's a chicken.
The two bigger ones are from the first five... love them... they are so smart.
I was looking a the hatchery web page this morning... guess what I want... more baby chicks!

Birthdays and friends

I am 60 today. Meant to look at my birth certificate to see the exact time. My writing buddies gave me the jar a couple of weeks ago. LOVED IT. It sits on my desk. My thoughts about turning sixty:
It's just another day
You can legally get senior discount
People help you more because they think you're old
It feels the same as 55
If you don't want to get older, think what the alternative is... not good

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My flowers... before this heat

I took pictures of my flowers before the heat wave got here. Look at the old bird feeder, it made a great hanging basker don't you think?

The big plant with the red blossums is a dragon wing begonia

the hanging basker with the windchime and the hummingbird feeder is an angel wing befonia