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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need yoga or a beautiful sunset

If I have to pick anymore butter beans I'm going to turn into a butter bean... and I don't even like butter beans. Why did I plant three rows??? Crazy! No, it is because I love my husband and they are his favorite vegetable...uck!
I've hated butter beans since I was a small child and my mother made me eat them. I would pack them in my jaw, ask to be excused and go to the bath to spit them in the toilet. Did my mother know I was doing that?? I didn't think so when I was little but I can believe she didn't see my chipmunk cheeks when I asked to be excused.

Anyway the I'm totally stressed with grandkids and friends. Why do kids not talk in a normal voice and why do they text when the person is standing next to them?????

I've got them watching a movie so it's a little better. I have four phones that are vibrating constantly but they're staying in my office with the door shut. We're going bike riding when the movie is over.

Can't wait for that peaceful sunset, googled yoga and there isn't a chance I can bend this old body into those positions. Love these kids but why do they always bring friends and why do I always say "sure you can bring a friend."

My daughter took this picture in Panama City last week.

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Gail said...

I knew we had a special bond... I hate lima beans, butter beans, and ANYTHING that looks like them!!! You can always tell which bowl of vegetable soup is mine because there will be a ring of lima beans around the rim! Ew, gross.