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Friday, February 5, 2016

small treasures

Sorry they are blurred, had a hard time with lighting

My husbands grandmother lived with us the last two years of her life.  She died two months before her 90th birthday.  After her death I had the joyful pain of going though her life treasures.  One of the things I was thrilled to find were linen calendars with the years my children were born.  Mawmaw has been gone almost 18years but I finally got those calendars framed and I love them.  Who would have thought that something so small could add so much joy to my life.  Don't yard sale them kids. 

 They are not worth much but are priceless to me.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A little thankful today

Do you like surprises?  I never know how to act when someone or something nice and unexpected happens.  I'm not a hugger bubbly person, but I would like to think I make some nice and unexpected things happen.  Getting off subject.

No I don't like unexpected mother nature surprises.  As most of you know we have had a weird winter.  My neighbors are becoming closer because it's really hard to spend several hours in a small basement and not get to know a person.

Well, we all were sadly relieved that the tornadoes went though Central Alabama instead of northwestern area as predicted.  We were happy for us but so very sorry for the families that had to endure the storms.

Home free we thought.  Wrong!  Not a life changing problem but still lots of work on a ladder for a sixty-three year old man.  I'm hoping he will just nail stuff down and leave the real fixing until warmer weather.
 I bet my chickens were scared to death.

Might look like falling down shack but it does the job.  Beauty is as beauty does.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I want to be an Ant

When I look at the world today I see too many Dung Beetles moving "dung".  Just smooth over all the bad stuff or better yet, move it somewhere else to become someone else's problem.  My question is how does this help anyone or how does it fix the dung from not happening.  We live in a dung world with leaders that are dung beetles.

I want to live in an Ant world.  Ants help each other always!  When there is work to be done they share the load and accomplish the impossible.  When there is fighting to be done they attack together, a unified micro pit-bull.

Which world do you prefer?

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Word Power -- Widen Your Vocabulary

cryptic.... puzzling

Although his remarks appeared cryptic at first, we began to see how really pertinent they were.

importune...ask urgently

Although Eddie was not optimistic about his chances, he continued to importune his boss for a winter vacation.  


After I looked at the Yankee lineup, I was incredulous about their chances of winning.


At a propitious moment the flamboyant movie star made her grand entrance.

surreptitious... accomplished by secret

The scientists were alarmed by evidence of surreptitious German experiments.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Words Words Words

Have you ever listened to someone talk and wish you knew what they were saying... I have!  It's like listening on a cell phone with a bad connection, you catch a little but mostly you just have to guess what the heck they are saying.  That can be very dangerous.  So I've decided to learn a new word every day.  I'm writing them down and will share on my blog once a week.

First, the word from my last blog.  FICKLE  someone asked me why I used that work to describe Dream.  Good question!  It sounded good, it's a different word and people would pick up on it, or it paints my feelings about dream.  All those statements would be answered with YES.  It does sound good, it is different and it is appropriate.

lacking firmness or steadiness (as in purpose or devotion)

implies an incapacity for steadiness and an inherent tendency to change 

suggests unreliability because of perverse changeability and incapacity for steadfastness 

suggests motivation by sudden whim or fancy and stresses unpredictability 
implies a rapid changeability in mood 

implies an incapacity for remaining in a fixed position or steady course 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Dream, such a fickle friend

We all have listen to the sweet whisperers of dream... that imaginary friend that shares "could be" moments with us.  Dream paints a lovely picture of things that could happen.  What she forgets to add is the blood, sweat and tears it takes to realize those visions.  When Dream talks to us everything seems so easy but its not.  

A long time ago, I started setting goals.  I call it my four step life changer.  At the first of every month I set a small daily goal that is easy to reach (like get my ironing done, take a walk, groom my dogs, etc)  these goals change with the season but I always look at my calendar to see the one thing that day that will make me an achiever.  Next I set weekly goals that takes a little more effort, sort of my hate to do but must do goals but a disclaimer here... if I don't reach all of the goals for the week, they are added to the next week and it makes it harder to get both done.  Moral of that fly in the buttermilk... reach your goals for the week.

Next is my monthly goals.  These are the ones that make me feel good about myself or not.  Hard goals that will make me better.  These might be blogging more (check)  writing more (not yet), uncluttered my house (started), quilting (working on it), gardening (I wish), etc.

The last step is simple.  At the end of each year I look at what I said I was going to do  but didn't.  I write down three I will work harder on the next year.  
Dreams are good for you soul.  They let you soar higher, be stronger, be smarter... be more... but all those "be" take work.  Set those goals and start paving the road to the world of "I am" 


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Look with your heart not your eyes

Short and sweet today.... look for beauty in everything.  I heard an owl early yesterday morning, before my first cup of coffee or the sun yawned good morning.  I slipped out the door without a coat or shoes to catch a glimpse.  How can such a deadly bird of prey be so beautiful?  Why did I catch a cold to stare at it staring back at me?  It was worth freezing my backside off to see....gorgeous and a little scary.... it looked at me like it was saying.."I wonder if it taste like chicken?"