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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bad Poem Posted is a Freedom too


Freedom to worship in church of my choice
Feeds my spiritual soul

Freedom to study and read
Helps me reach my intellectual goal

Freedom to strive for a better life
Is the democratic way

Freedom to vote in elections
Gives me a political say

Freedom to express my beliefs and views
Allows me a literary voice

Freedom to agree or disagree on issues
Fulfills my activist choice

Freedom to protect my family and country
Is my patriotic right

All these freedoms & rights are mine to use
If they don’t infringe on the freedoms & rights

Belonging to you

Monday, November 9, 2015

Wild things in my life

 Wild hair days happen often.

Wild about horses, dogs and the love of my life.

Wild about grandbabies and Christmas

Saturday, August 8, 2015

I'm off to see the Wizard

Harry Potter of course will blog about the adventure.  My two oldest granddaughters are going with me (and my daughter, Joe and friends Pam and Sheila)

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Beauty in an Ending

I think sunsets are the most beautiful endings on earth.  They remind me that you shouldn't judge people or things until the end.  How many times have you looked to the sky and think... not going to be a great sunset... then bam!!! one of the prettiest you've every seen.  I always waited for my sunsets to mature, develop and reach their full potential .... this is also what we should do with children... stop expecting and enjoy the ride.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Bullies are everywhere

I felt so bad for this little filly... she was lost in a sea of ponies... looking for her Mama...

wanting to make friends

This older pony decided to be mean and show her who was boss

Mama to the rescue

Here are a few more pictures of the Chincoteague Ponies

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Progressive Poem... the finished product ... awesome

Progressive Poem


She lives without a net, walking along the alluvium of the delta.
Shoes swing over her shoulder,
on her bare feet stick jeweled flecks of dark mica.
Hands faster than fish swing at the ends of bare brown arms.
Her hair flows, snows in wild wind
as she digs in the indigo varnished handbag,
pulls out her grandmother’s oval cuffed bracelet,
strokes the turquoise stones,
and steps through the curved doorway.
Tripping on her tail she slips hair first down the slide…splash!
She glides past glossy water hyacinth to shimmer with a school of shad,
listens to the ibises roosting in the trees of the cypress swamp
an echo of Grandmother’s words, still fresh in her windswept memory;
Born from the oyster, expect the pearl. 
Reach for the rainbow reflection on the smallest dewdrop.
The surface glistens, a shadow slips above her head, a paddle dips
she reaches, seizes. She’s electric energy and turquoise eyes.
Lifted high, she gulps strange air – stares clearly into
 Green pirogue, crawfish trap,
startled fisherman with turquoise eyes, twins of her own, riveted on her wrist–
She’s swifter than a dolphin, slipping away,
leaving him only a handful of memories of his own grandmother’s counsel:
Watch for her. You’ll have but one chance to 
determine—to decide.
Garner wisdom from the water and from the pearl of the past.
In a quicksilver flash, an arc of resolution, he leaps
into the shimmering water
where hidden sentries restrain any pursuit
and the bitter taste of impulse rushes into his lungs.
Her flipper flutters his weathered toes – Pearl’s signal –
Stop struggling. The Sentinels will escort you
He stills, closes his eyes,
takes an uncharacteristic breath of…water!
Released, he swims, chasing the glimmer of the bracelet
Gran gave the daughter who reveled in waves.
Straining for fading incandescence, flecks of silver,
his eyes and hands clasp cold silt,
flakes of sharp shale seething through fingers – crimson palms stinging.
A sea change ripples his shuddering back.
With a force summoned from the depths, her charged turquoise eyes unsuffer his heart
And holding out her hand to him, she knows. He knows. She speaks,
as his hand curls ’round her bracelet-clad wrist,
Papa, just a little longer in the pool! One more time down the slide! Please!
He nods; she won’t be his little mermaid much longer.

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Prom Night... life time memory

Lakelynn went to Prom last night and since I'm a proud Granny I have to post pictures!


And last one is my cowgirl... keep being who your are baby!!!