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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Spiritual Journey Thursday of 2017

I've agreed to host this journey on Thursday July 6, 2017 but I will also be sharing each post.

Clink on the link and read Carol's joyful blog about her one word.  Beyond Literacy Link

Since we're talking about words lets learn some new ones:

1 .propagate    _______     A. excess, superabundance

2. anomaly      _______     B.  environment, setting

3. innocuous   _______     C.  irregularity, abnormality

4. surfeit         _______     D.  produce, multiply, spread

5. milieu         _______     E.  harmless, mild, innocent

see how many you can get correct

I'm going to post answers in comments.  Good Luck

Today's idiom:  a feather in one's cap

If you get all these words correct, it will be a feather in your cap.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Did you make a New Year Resolution??

Why do we do make them because no one ever keeps them!  It's like whispering a secret then yelling just kidding.

 Here are my desires for 2017...

be more patient with annoying people...
whether it's family, friends or strangers

to shut my mouth and listen more

to keep my opinions to myself unless I'm asked and by saying this, I will need to work on my expressions.... my face is an open book

work less and play more

I want to learn to paint... going to make that happen this year.  I have no expectations for greatness but one more thing off my bucket list

I'm going to say I love you more to my family.  I've been in a bad place as far as voicing my love... they know I love them but sometimes they need to hear it.  I told my kids every day that I loved them... and I taught them well because they never leave or end a call without telling me they love me... of course I say I love you too but if you're like me, that statement seems like a automatic response instead of a statement

I'm going to take more walks... I love to walk, stroll, sit and reflect in quiet unpopulated places.

Now for the BIG one.  I'm going to start riding horses again.  I've not told Ronnie yet because after I broke my hip he's a little worried about me riding ... but I love it and miss it

Friday, December 30, 2016

My Word for 2017 is Junket

I'm going on a journey of promises...  

 I promise to write every day                                                            

 I promise to blog every week                                                           

 I promise to submit every month

Junket definition: a journey taken for pleasure  

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Southern Christmas

Where you can Christmas shop in shorts at 2:00 pm and at 6:00 pm have on two coats and four pair of gloves.  That this time of the year the Southern winds hates everyone.... I truly think they punish all because they miss the sun and flip flops...

In the south, Christmas means tinsel it, put lights on it, or spray paint it.  Because of this, I was so excited when I found this book... The Official Guide to Christmas in the South or, If you can't fry it, Spraypaint it Gold by David C. Barnette.

Here are some of the Chapter titles
1. Stockings must be stuffed beyond recognition

2. Y'all get in line

3.Unplug the smoke alarm

4.Never mix Dirty Santa with Dirty Dancing

5. If you don't believe in reincarnation follow a gift bag around this Christmas

6. Guidelines and paint lines

7.The Divinity Code

8. Holidays are for celebrating the ties that bind.  And nothing binds quite like cram of chicken and Velveeta

I really enjoyed this book because I could see snippets of my family on it's pages.

Here are a few of my Christmas memories

1.  Momma crying every day the week before Christmas... after she married Daddy she never spent another Christmas with her mother and sisters... Thank you Lord for keeping my babies close

2. Getting the BIG package from Granny Dugan and Auntie Vi  They lived in Rhode Island and liked to spoil me and my brother.

3.  Getting up in the middle of the night to carefully open gifts that was in BIG package ... then tape them back... yes I was a bad child

4. Granny Trousdale's house... it always smelled like love but at Christmas the smells embraced you, wrestled you in a bear hug and pulled you to the kitchen

5. Everyone in one place... Granny and Granddaddy Trousdale.. their eight children... their spouses and 14 grandchildren...You had to be tough to withstand all that love... or sometimes the lack of it...   Ah, the Christmas fights   Remember I said I was a bad child so I might have started a few of those fights... but really it wasn't my fault... the Aunts were so easy to crank up

6. Perry Como and Jimmy Reeves singing Christmas songs all day and half the night

7. School being out so I could ride my horse every day, play football with the neighborhood kids or shoot some hoops, play with the dogs or ride my bike

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Are you thankful for small joys

The small things in life really are the most important to our happiness.  Think about it, we have small joys everyday.  A child's smile, a hug from a friend, spouse or parent... how many of you are guilty like me of not taking the time to feel the rush of pure happiness these gestures bring.

My favorite saying is we make our own happiness.  We can fume about the disappointments in life which slams the door on all the good feelings trying to lift you up.

When you"re upset just close your eyes.... when you open them look for happiness... a sunrise, the beautiful colors of the leaves, your dog fetching a toy to play.

Be Happy My Friends.... it's so much easier to walk this life if you look for the good and spend as little time as possible on the bad.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I would rather be a Honey Bee

I've been looking around at our world and realized that I'm now part of the generation that frowns on change.  My Granny thought Elvis Presley was a tool of the devil... and we won't even talk about the Beatles, mini-skirts and bell bottom jeans.
So I started thinking of ways I can relay my feeling about today's changes with comparison.

I would rather be a Honey Bee than a Mosquito.

Let me explain why.

A Honey Bee replenishes life.  The plant life on earth would be in trouble without them.  And how many diseases have you ever hear of that a honey bee transmits? They are perfectly happy to do their job and co-exist with other forms of life.  But they will defend their home and family to the death if invaded. 

Now, a Mosquito sucks the life out of every warm blooded life form around them and they do not discriminate.   They are host to many terrible diseases.  They do not work for their food but wait for a meal to show up.  They only worry about themselves.

Now I'm not saying everything today is like the Mosquito.... but the family unit is almost a thing of the pass.  More children today are raised by grandparents than by their parents. 

 If you're willing to work hard for you dreams you are called a fool.  Play the system and get it for free or steal it... 

Children today have so many pressures and are not allowed to be children long.  Playball for a scholarship or score high on this test.  If you score too low you've let everybody down... class, teacher, school, parents.

That is so not true.  The only way you let anyone down is not to try your best.  If you work hard and reach for the dreams that will make you happy... you are a success and everyone that loves you will be proud of the person you become.  

The old saying money can't buy you happiness isn't exactly true... we need money to live but too much money changes us and makes us slaves to it... we have to protect it, hide it and make it grow.   

I just want to care for my hive (the people around me... family friends community, country)  work hard and make the world a better place because I pollinated it with love and kindness... and a few grumpy words... will maybe more than a few.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A word picture for you

Today I rearranged my chickens love life.  I have many breeds but only two pure blood roosters.  I have a Speckled Sussex's so I put him with my three speckled hens and to just see what happens with my white leghorn hens.  Update in about two months

I borrowed my son-in-law's blue lace wyandotte rooster and put him with my blue lace hens and my golden lace wyandotte hens (again just to see what I get)

I have 22 five day old babies in the brooding house and 17 three month old easter egger babies in the small pen.
Now comes the pimping part.... I loaning my Rhode Island Red rooster to my neighbor so she can get replacement babies for her layers for next year.  This time next year she's going to retire her hens to my chicken pen.  She has limited space and can only keep ten hens.... I have plenty of space for too many hens, heheheh

Now for the word visually

I'm in shorts and a jacket... is hell freezing over???...racing across my field in my Polaris ranger with a chicken in one hand and driving with the other... with 16 eggs I had gathered in my jacket pocket... who needs a basket.