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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spiritual Journey First Thursday - March 1

This month Karen Eastlund will be blogging about "Facing the Music.
 Here are my thoughts on music.  As a tone deaf, country listen, musical loving old lady, my thoughts lean toward unconventional music.  Like a child's laughter... a summer night with crickets, bullfrogs and katydids singing...the soft whisper of "I love" from my husband of 49 years.

Music is partly hearing but it's also feeling.  Irene can confirm that music makes me dance but it doesn't touch my soul like it does for so many other people.  I can take it or leave it.  But nature's music fills me with peace and happiness.  It makes me realize I'm just a tiny particle in the universe.  Human music makes me feel love and my soul craves this music.  I'm a simple person with simple needs... I don't look to material things to be happy... no I just need my family, friends and my animals to be completely happy. 

May you enjoy my kind of music all your life. 


Violet Nesdoly said...

Well, Patricia, I think your kind of music is just grand. A child's laugh, crickets, frogs, and birdsong are some of the richest songs. Thanks for giving us this angle on music.

Ramona said...

Nature's music is the best! And I realize how infrequently I tap into this power. I want to spend more time not just hearing music, but feeling it. One of my favorite musical sounds is the giggles of my grandsons.

jan godown annino said...

Hi, Patricia. We share an affection for the symphony of Nature - invigorating & soothing at the same time. It can include the drip drop of water or the crash of thunder, along with the leg rubbings of insects & the whir of owl wings. My hubby & I would be lost, without out walks outside, becoming the natural world's latest audience.

Irene Latham said...

The BEST music for sure! And yes I have seen you dance... and it sure does put a smile on my face. :)

Carol Varsalona said...

I totally agree with your statement, Patricia. "But nature's music fills me with peace and happiness. It makes me realize I'm just a tiny particle in the universe. Human music makes me feel love and my soul craves this music." This last sentence is exemplified in your family portrait. How beautiful! Have a wonderful week.