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Thursday, April 21, 2016

I have a confession

I am a chicken addict.

It has been fives days since I brought chickens (20)  but.... in four days the hen who has been carefully tending 25 eggs will get her reward (or curse) when the eggs hatch.
I took 48 eggs to a lady to hatch out for me.
I ordered 25 special breed chickens that will come in May 25th
you might wonder what I will do with all these chicks.  I will pick and choose the ones hatched and sell or most likely give the others away.
I keep several elderly women in eggs, one less expense for them.
I do love watching and caring for my 50 + hens

Here's the conversion my husband and I had today

Husband: We're going to have to start buying chicken feed by the ton
Me:  Some husband's have wives that smoke, drink or do drugs.  Count your blessings.
Husband:  You might be more fun if you had those habits.

I didn't say a word... I was too busy throwing rocks at him as he skipped away laughing.  Good thing that I'm better at tending chickens than throwing rocks.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem

Welcome to Day 10 of the 2016 Progressive Poem.  Each year Irene Latham of Live Your Poem, invites poets to her own poetry festivities to help develop and build a progressive poem for National Poetry Month.  Each of 30 different poets supplies a line on their assigned day to cumulatively create the poem.

Now it's my turn.  Game face on! I'm not a poet and I know it.... but... I'm always up for a challenge. Just a bit of information about me... I love nature but rural nature.  I live it every day and you can hear it in each beat of my heart.  

Here's the poem so far: The last line is my humble offering.

A squall of hawk wings stirs the sky
A hummingbird holds and then hies
If I could fly, I’d choose to be
Sailing through a forest of poet-trees
A cast of crabs engraves the sand
Delighting a child’s outstretched hand
If I could breathe under the sea
I’d dive, I’d dip, I’d dance with glee
A clump of crocuses crave the sun.
A clump of crocuses crave the sun.
Kites soar while joyful dogs run

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