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Thursday, April 21, 2016

I have a confession

I am a chicken addict.

It has been fives days since I brought chickens (20)  but.... in four days the hen who has been carefully tending 25 eggs will get her reward (or curse) when the eggs hatch.
I took 48 eggs to a lady to hatch out for me.
I ordered 25 special breed chickens that will come in May 25th
you might wonder what I will do with all these chicks.  I will pick and choose the ones hatched and sell or most likely give the others away.
I keep several elderly women in eggs, one less expense for them.
I do love watching and caring for my 50 + hens

Here's the conversion my husband and I had today

Husband: We're going to have to start buying chicken feed by the ton
Me:  Some husband's have wives that smoke, drink or do drugs.  Count your blessings.
Husband:  You might be more fun if you had those habits.

I didn't say a word... I was too busy throwing rocks at him as he skipped away laughing.  Good thing that I'm better at tending chickens than throwing rocks.

1 comment:

Sheila Renfro said...

Oh boy, I thought you were going to say to get a bumper crop from animals getting your chickens. Glad to hear it's all about keeping old ladies in eggs. Sheesh. what addict.