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Friday, August 19, 2011

Poetry Friday .... for Irene

I wrote a poem about Nuggett that I would like to share. Remember I'm not a poet but write poems or something like poems. :)

One picture is Nuggett (the red halter) and his mother Goldie and my son's dog Jeannie

One picture is Nuggett and Lisa... the lady that bought him

One picture is me and Nuggett on the trail.


Liquid honey colored eyes
Glazes at the person deep inside.
Past this earthy flesh
And only sees the very best.
I confide to him my troubles and woos
Knowing he won’t tell another soul.
I tell him my dreams, secrets and plans
He listens and loves me without demands.
He tosses his head and stomps his feet
As if to say come with me.
Come along and race with me
Across the ridges of Tennessee.
Leave behind your earthy shell
Open your soul and be yourself.
There is one simple fact
When I climb upon this horse’s back.
For a short time I have a life
Free from trouble and strife.


Gail said...

Lovely Pat. I'm not a poet either, but can appreciate the skill of others.

Irene Latham said...

See??? You DO love poetry. :) And your love for Nuggett shines in this one. Wow, is he gorgeous. Don't know how you were able to part with him. Just Wow.

Sheila said...

Did you mean glazes or gazes? Just had to ask. Hehehe