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Sunday, January 15, 2012

I forgot how much I love GIRLS basketball

Let me tell you something... them boys can't touch the girls... all heart and emotions... makes me yell at the referee :) I do get a little rowdy somethings.
I think I'm going to go be a referee for girls basketball... the blind one that was calling my granddaughter's game Friday night had to be like late seventies and I've forgot more about basketball than he knows.

Lake played a great game with 5 points, tons of rebounds and 4 fouls... she played physical... like her mother did and her granny did. Missy, her mother, was on a team that went to the state playoffs her senior year. They lost in the semi-finals... but Wilson went back the next year and won state.

Friday night was a tournament and the semi-final bracket plays tomorrow night. Hope we don't get Paw-Paw ref this time.


miclowery said...

Shelby is playing her first year of girls' JV basketball and having a great time. She'd probably still rather be riding a horse somewhere, but basketball holds a close second in her heart. I coached her when she was young enough to play in our Parks and Recreation league and we made some great memories. Hope Miss Lake has had a great season and that you don't get yourself ejected from any games for arguing with the refs.

StableGranny said...

you jinz me... I did get ejected from the game... by a policeman.. long story and I know everyone always says I did do anything :)