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Monday, January 23, 2012

Life is Good

They should put that on a tee shirt :)

We was safe though last nights storms... looking forward to a good night's sleep... and I got my house cleaned this weekend... sooooo needed it!!!

Today the sun came out and I soaked up some vitamin D from the back of a horse...YES

My big boned dog, Lexie, loved the afternoon ride in the pasture too and she really needed the exercise like her owner. We don't call her fat..

I wanted to ride the trail but there has been so much rain I was really afraid the mud would suck the horses shoes off... I'm not kidding, it can do it for real.

I rode Sandy, who has not been rode in months and she only acted up one time. I cut a switch and she was so afraid she kept trying to eat the switch.... I cast such a fearsome intimating air....NOT

I think everyone should be able to do what they want, when they want, how they want... every Monday. I vote yes to that.

If you want to read a really good book on horses.. check out this one.

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