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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Take me out to the ball game... make that a T ball game

I love watching little kids play ball. They have fun and if they don't they just sit down, pick clover blossoms or cry. They don't care what the score is or if they win. Does this make them non-achievers or does it make them smart???

Let them be kids! I think the Daddy's need to play with them like we did back in the dark ages. When we played ball in the pasture we nearly always had adults playing too. The ditch was the line down lst base, the fence down third and if you hit it in the pond you only got two bases and you had to catch the horse and wade out to get it or jump in the muddy full of cow poop water.

Look at the picture of Kane batting, do you know people that go through life acting like they know what they are doing but when it comes to the "moment" they have their eyes closed.

I wonder how many ball Lakelynn caught in center field playing in the dirt??? Look at her behind and shoes.

Kane isn't that small anymore... sob sob... he will be 11 on Sunday. And Lakelynn will be 14 on April 25th.

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Amy Jane said...

man before i was playing at Underwood i was playing baseball with my brothers either in our back yard or in the hallway downstairs. and just yesterday we spend 3+ hours playing wiffelball in our backyard.