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Thursday, April 7, 2011

If the shoe fits... wear it

Here we go again with sayings. If the shoe fits, wear it.... well wouldn't that shoe belong to someone else and wouldn't that be stealing??
Walk a mile in their shoes... what if the shoe doesn't fit, wouldn't that be painful??

Now don't get me wrong, I understand what these saying are meant to express but it makes it so hard to travel to other states where they have regional sayings and understand what they are saying.

Do you want me to carry you to the store? I remember the editor's face when I asked her that... she was from Ohio.

As a writer, I have to be careful not to put slang or regional language in my writing.

My favorite southern saying is "Well bless your heart" which sounds sweet but really is saying... Hey get over it and shut up. I'm so proud of my Yankee blood because I say... "Hey get over it and shut up" and I rarely say "Well bless your heart"

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Gail said...

I understand the confusion of the lady from Ohio. When I first moved to the South, I couldn't figure out what to do when someone told me to 'mash the button!'