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Saturday, April 16, 2011

In these hard times don't forget ....

Your local library still needs new books and especially the children's department

I've pieced a reversible quilt for the local Elk's Lodge to sell chances on with all processes going to Sheffield Public Library the Children's department. One side is a Charm Quilt and one side is a patchwork Christmas Quilt.

I do not live in Sheffield or work there or even live in that county but they are the poorest library in a twenty mile radius and I want to help them. You can help more than you know. I donate books to the Friends of the Library used book store, I donate new released books to the library for their selves, I donate picture books and middle readers to schools in lauderdale county, I write read and write AR test for books that are older and don't have AR test available (the kids really love some of the older books)

Don't think you can't make a difference... YOU CAN

Have a bake sale and donate to the library... have a yard sale and donate... go through your kids books and donate --- oh yes, since Monday is tax day, this might be where I should say that all donations are tax deductible. Just ask for a receipt.

Give your magazines to the library used book store instead of pitching them in the garbage.

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