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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trail Ride on Saturday

All four grandbabies, my son, daughter-in-law and me are going on a organized charity trail ride Saturday. I was going to ride Tarkra who is 3/4 Clydesdale and 1/4 quarter horse. Big Horse! But now one of my granddaughters is nervous about riding her five year old mare in such a large group. Guess who's going to take the young horse and give big old gentle as a lamb to the baby... right me. Now I ride Sandy most of the time when I ride... that is the young mare and the one in the picture of me at the creek.
Since the weather has turned warm all the mares are coming into heat and are being B's
I'm going to be fine and if Sandy acts like she should ... she will be too. I told her tonight when we fed... "it has been raining little girl and there is lots of muddy places."
Y'all do know that is the best correction exercise you can do with a horse... it's really hard for them to canter in mud.. like us running in snow. If they have an attitude, canter them in mud for about fifteen minutes, that will take the edge off that problem.

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