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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I write a monthly article titled Knowledge Power for the Kidsville Paper ... a free paper that's delivered to all schools with students K-6th Here is one about the Civil War. How many can you get right... I'll post the answers tomorrow.

Brother against Brother

At 3:00 PM on Palm Sunday, April 9, 1865 General Lee surrender to General Grant at the courthouse in Appomattox, Virginia. This is considerate the officially end to the Civil War but there were small conflicts fought until the end of May, 1865.

The first shot of the Civil War was fired on January 10, 1861. Who fired it?
A. Confederate soldiers
B. Union soldiers
C. none of the above

The North’s naval blockade was nicknamed “Scott’s Anaconda”…
A. because it struck like a snake
B. because like a snake the Northern Navy strangled the South by cutting off their supplies
C. because Anaconda was the name of the General over the Northern Navy

What were “worm castles”?
A. the hardtack biscuits that the soldiers ate
B. the shallow graves on the battlefield
C. rich dirt near creeks and rivers

The 8th Wisconsin Regiment had a mascot named Old Abe, what was it?
A. a dog
B. an eagle
C. a horse

General George Meade commanded the Union forces at Gettysburg and General Robert Lee commanded the Confederate forces, who lost the most men during this battle?
A. General Meade
B. General Lee

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