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Monday, December 5, 2011

What makes you happy?

Money?? Do you ever have enough?? Do you have true friends or money brought friends?? What would happen if one day you didn't have money? To me, money is like thin ice, you never know when it's going to crack and let you fall into the cold waters of financial difficulties.

Social position?? How hard it must be to stay on a pedestal when people are bumping the base trying to knock you off? And how cold your relationships must be when everyone is below you

Your family?? Well you're getting warmer but you know family moves out of your daily life.. kids grow up and leave... husbands, well there is divorce and death... brothers and sisters have families of their own. My point is family should be a blessing but not your happiness.

Friends?? sort of like family, as their family grows with grandchildren and in-laws and this means they are getting older... less time for long talks, long lunches, or a movie outing. Doesn't mean they love you less just that they know you will be there always and understand.

What makes me happy?
Me, myself and I!
I'm happy with who I am, what I have, where I've been and where I'm going.

I need my family and for sure my friends but they're the spices in the soup or the color magenta in your coloring box. I like to think that happiness in your heart makes the people close to you happy too.

If you don't wake up every morning with joyous thoughts ... rain on the roof, the sun peeking over the trees, your rooster crowing, or you husband's husky voice saying "Mornin', did you sleep okay?" well, you need to stop and figure out how to make those thoughts happy ones.

Tonight I put fresh linens on my bed and I was grinning the entire time...my Christmas quilts makes me happy every morning and secret smiling happy each night when I cover up with it. My friends tell me not to use it... it is too pretty to use... I ask them , "Why would I want to put it in a closet when it brings me so much joy on my bed?'

Don't put away the things that make your heart happy... pull them out and use them.

You're worth it!

The front of the quilt is a strip design and the back is Blocks.

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