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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Break out the shorts... baby it's warm outside

Can you believe it's going to be 68 degrees tomorrow and in the low sixties all week. I remember my mother writing to tell her sisters that she went Christmas shopping in just a sweater. Mother was born and raised in Rhode Island... well born in Massachusetts but raised in Providence. My Dad met her when he was in the Navy, Providence was a navel port. She worked at the Blue Robin... They were like oil and water (family has told me they fought) from the start but there must have been some spices in the mix because they got married after only knowing each other a few months.

I'm lucky to be here... faith touched my mother's life. Four months before she got pregnant with me, she miscarried twins... a boy and a girl. If she had carried them to term, no me. My blood type is A positive and my two brothers are O negative like mother... I wasn't the first baby and with positive blood should have been miscarried but here I am. After I was born, Mother had six more miscarriages... one between me and Logan and five between Logan and Jim. I'm fifteen years older than Jim and only two older than Logan.

All this rambling is leading to a question. My parents seemed happy... sure there was fights but as a whole they seemed happy... I was happy! I was whipped when I needed it ... which was pretty often... but it didn't scar me or make me resent my parents. Mother had a deep fear of storms and would hide us under the bed but I don't fear storms at all, in fact I love to watch the sky as the clouds roll past. I was wondering if Dr Spock looked at my family if he would decide I wasn't happy and I hated my parents... I don't but we wasn't the text book family. I had one Aunt tell me I didn't matter because I was only a girl and couldn't carry on the family name... which I answered... "Mother should have had all girls and stopped the craziest of this family." I got a spanking for being sassy but Mother said she agreed with me.

The picture is of me with Santa on my first Christmas. We lived in Dayton Ohio where I was born. Look at that snowsuit... whew, it makes me hot just looking at it.


Irene Latham said...

What a bright-eyed baby! So cute. I am happy for the warmer weather and happy you were born. Imagine you getting a spanking for being sassy.... what a surprise. :)

miclowery said...

What a cutie! You certainly looked like a happy baby. I also have a negative blood type and am thankful for the medical advancements that now protect Rh- women from miscarrying subsequent pregnancies.