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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Memories of Christmas Past

I've been looking at old pictures... scratching my head because I want to scan them and put them on a disc for the kids and really just don't know were to start... and I got lost in memories. They tell me that a sure sign of old age.

Here are some of my favorite memories of Christmas Past:
1. Midnight mass on Christmas Day
2. Two weeks of no school to play hard with cousins and friends
3. Christmas Eve supper at Granny's house with every member of my daddy's family filling their small house ... 8 kids and their spouses... 14 grandchildren
4. Aunt Margaret's smiles when everyone came on Christmas Eve... Aunt Margaret lived with Granny and Granddaddy until she died in the early sixties. She was really my great Aunt and she had the purest heart.
5. My Daddy's corny jokes about hunters and the reindeer
6. My brother, Logan, trying to keep me awake so we could see Santa... not a chance dear brother.
7. Later in life... my children's feet padding down the hall, bursting through the bedroom door and squealing "Santa came, Santa came."
8. Last year, my entire family around the breakfast table on Christmas Eve morning ... the kids begging the grownups to hurry so they can open presents

In all the tight schedules of the Christmas holiday... please take the time to visit the memories of Christmas past. It will brighten your Christmas present and become a yearly tradition for Christmas future.

Picture is Saint Michael's Church in St Florian, Alabama
and my Daddy with wife Brenda and their grandchildren

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Amy Jane said...

You can STILL come to Midnight Mass! I will be there! I am going to Children's Mass at 4, and then right after to Carl and Mary's for the Stumpe Christmas, and then right back to church for Midnight Mass.