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Sunday, December 25, 2011

95% Chirstmas Free

You've seen the pictures and read the blogs... Christmas has been at my house since Thanksgiving.... I know ... you're not suppose to take down your tree until after the new year but people... I want normal.

I've got my hummingbird plates ready to hang in the kitchen, my pottery bowls ready to put in their place and my depression glass pieces ready to put out. I have my blue curtains up in the living room, the shower curtains back to normal... What?? you don't put up Christmas shower curtains???

I'm off to see War Horse with the girls tonight and since my kids know me so well and know how much I love love love bargains... I have gift cards to Kohl's and Joann's. Can you say fun fun fun.

We had the greatest Christmas and we're all so blessed. Off to get that other 5% down so I can relax.

Lets get ready for 2012, year of the Dragon.

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