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Monday, December 26, 2011

War Horse and the Iron King

Went to see War Horse last night with my daughter, granddaughters, niece, sister-in-law and some of their friends and my son-in-law Joe and grand boyfriend (I guess that is what Jase's boyfriend Kyle would be called)

First let me say, that I'm really getting to be a mean old lady with no patience. The woman sitting behind me kicked my seat during the entire movie and didn't stop even when I glared at her... twice... it took me saying loudly that I was going to move to the seat behind the stupid inconsiderate witch that was kicking my seat and see if I could kick some smarts into her.... and of course there was a person in front of us checking facebook DURING the movie... people..if you just have to check your status... go pee and do it while you're in the bathroom.

Okay, now to the movie. It is a four tissue movie for horse crazy teens... a little on the corny side at times but over all I would give it four stars... the horses were the best actors. All their actions seemed realistic, where some of the people seems too Gone With the Windish... great scenes that pulled you into the story and made you cheer for the horse.

I'm reading The Iron King, the first book in a series by Julie Kagawa... so far I like it... Thanks Jana for recommending it. I've only read the first fifty pages but I'm not putting it down. Will update when I finish. Can't believe I'm reading a book about faeries.

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