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Monday, January 18, 2010

Revise, Revise

Not really a happy writer today.. I hate being unsure and I'm very unsure of my revised Chapter One of Burning Bridges. I like it but..... well anyway, I've turned it over to my critiquing buddies and they will help me reach the point were I keep it or trash it.

Word for today: wince -- draw back, flinch

I wince at the thought of revision.

The picture is on the Gadsden Confederate Memorial and is Emma Sansom and Gen.Nathan B. Forrest


Sarah Campbell said...

Nice use of the word wince.

Irene Latham said...

It's a keeper! I don't think you should overthink it right now.. you are on the right track... move FORWARD, sista! Emma deserves a "the end." (finishfinishfinishfinishfinishfinish...)

Amy Jane said...

I can not WAIT to read a book written by my very own Aunt Pat. The person who I spent a lot of my childhood spending the night at her house. The person who always plays a major role in the funny memories my dad tells me. The person who is like the grandmother I never had. :)

Carl said...

Who is Emma Sason and why is she riding on NBF's horse. What is she pointing to?? I grew up in Memphis and thought I knew a lot about him but have never heard of Ms. Sansom. (the horse looks like he's wincing at going forward)