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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I joined the real world today

I've been home since Wednesday afternoon. No outside contact... well not really true :) grandkids and children but no people that don't call me Momma or Granny until today. We're in a heatwave, it out up to 31.
I discovered an interesting fact about myself, I'm not productive when I have lots of time. My house is not clean, the ironing isn't done, and the next chapter of Bridges is not finished... sigh

Word for today: incongruous -- inappropriate

My actions the last four days were inappropriate and unproductive.


Amy Jane said...

YES! major heatwave!

Gail said...

I so agree with your theory of non-productivity! LOL Cabin fever led me to walk to the mailbox- change that to slide to the mailbox, change that to fall down on the ice before getting to the mailbox!!!