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Monday, January 11, 2010

Learning new things

I'm thinking that I might go to college??!! I know I'm 58 and all but I would like to learn new things. The bad part is I can't go part time and get financial aid so I will need to go full time and get a grant. Would this be bad??
will this take away from a young person getting a grant?? do I care because odds are they'll only waste it... OMG did I say that!!! bad Pat, bad
Another thing, all my close friends say I'm aadd or something like that... I don't really pay attention because they're forever saying I'm something or other.. and I think it has something to do with attention and focusing will that affect me doing school work, sure is a big step to apply and then go.

Word for today: dilettante -- one who has great interest but little knowledge

Being a dilettante when it comes to applying for college doesn't mean I lack courage.


Crystal said...

That's awesome! ...and I like the word dilettante. :)

Amy Jane said...

You should go to college. College is not ment for the younger people. College is ment for everybody. GO TO COLLEGE!