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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mark Ingram Day in Alabama

I'm a true blue Alabama fan since I was at my Daddy's knee. I once had dreams of being the first girl quarterback-fullback-linebacker-kicker for Alabama. Of course I lived through the Bear years, and remember him coaching. Today is Mark Ingram Day in the state of Alabama... I say it is the team of Alabama day with Mark being one of many chapions on that team

Mark Ingram of the University of Alabama was selected as the 75th winner of the Heisman Memorial Trophy as the Most Outstanding College Football Player in the United States for 2009. Ingram won the award over Toby Gerhart of Stanford by only 28 points in the closest finish in the 75 year history of the Heisman. Previously, the closest race was in 1985 when Bo Jackson defeated Chuck Long by just 45 points.


and this link will take you to the new fan fight song


Word for today: : champion -- warrior, fighter; advocate or defender;a winner of first prize or first place in competition; who shows marked superiority

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