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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New calves, what can be sweeter

Driving home yesterday, I pasted a pasture and three calves were standing by the fence looking at the cars passing. They couldn't have been more than week old. Black except for white faces. The way they were standing the barbwire fence cut the view of their face in half. You could see each prong of the barb. They stood looking at the world they could not reach. It got me to thinking. How many of us look at the world from behind a barbwire fence? Wishing for what we can not reach. Take a minute and think about what barbs are keeping you from the world, keeping you in your boring pasture.
Now barbwire can't hold me. I crawl under, jump over or squeeze through. Nothing stops me from seeing what is just beyond the horizon.

Word for today: explore -- to investigate, study, or analyze; to become familiar with by testing or experimenting; to travel over (new territory) for adventure or discovery

The world is our playground, lets explore it.


Amy Jane said...

the barbwire that holds me is called school, inexperience, still dependent on my parents, responsibilities, expectations, and the fact that i am still consider a child.

StableGranny said...

but you're breaking the barbs of knowledge by attend school and learning the things you have no experience in by caring parents, facing your responsibilities, making your expectations high and sorry in your parents and Aunt Pat's eyes you will always be a child ... that we love

Lori W. said...

This is wonderful advice and beautifully written.

I've made a big effort to get out of that pasture. Fear of failure held me back, but the older I get, the more grace I have for myself and others. Mistakes and failure are just the learning part of life, not what sums me up.