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Friday, August 10, 2012

What a great lazy day

Summer is winding down and soon the grandbabies will be going back to school and the sleepovers and ball practices and life in general will cut into Granny's time with them... yes a little sad but that is life... they grow up and you're not the center of their world anymore... you're like the Tanaga Island... a tiny little place off Alaska coast
But today we made memories... well the day did get a slow start... they didn't get up until noon but I had homemade biscuits ready and chocolate gravy... then off to the barn.  Lake, Kane and Ella went out into the pasture, caught their horses (Scout was a little hard to catch but I talked them though it and didn't just rush in and take over)... we had a little protest about saddling the horses themselves... can you guess who did the protesting??? :)  but they got it done and took off riding.  No I did not go with them because it was already hot and Sandy is in heat and I really didn't feel like getting dumped so I reared back in the camping chair and listened to a book and took a little nap but don't tell the kids that I drifted off.
A couple of hours later I had the best time listening to them talk about their ride and watching them laugh and tease each other while they unsaddle their horses, hosed them down and walked them out.
They have laughed and talked with no cell phones or IPods all day.

Now, I'm cooking supper and Jase and her boyfriend are coming for supper... Lake and Ella are spending the night with me again... Kane wanted back too but had told a friend he would come over to spend the night and I told him you should always keep your word.

What am I having for supper:  Chicken fingers, cream potatoes, English peas (for Lake and Ella) fried okra, steamed squash/onions/peppers/Zucchini, biscuits, fresh tomatoes

A good day!

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Irene Latham said...

A good day indeed! Love the pics.