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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Death to the Chicken Stealers

Someone went to my barn and stole 15 of my chickens.  I know, you're asking the same question my husband asked... why would anyone want fifteen chickens???
Well, I like my chickens.  The chickens are gone without any trace.... a dog or coyote would leave feathers everywhere and they would only kill what they could eat.  A hawk would only kill one and again there would be evidence of kill.
My judgement is Death by Smell!  That's right, if I knew who stole those chickens... I would hog tie them in the middle of the chicken house and turn on the sprinkler system.  I would make sure they was right under the nightly roosting place so the poop would be nice and fresh.... then I would stake them out like a scarecrow and stuff raw hamburger meat in pockets, socks, underwear... okay you get the point ... anywhere I could and leave them for two days.  Every creature for miles around would come to check this feast out.  Of course I would tape their mouth so they wouldn't scare their visitors.

My whole ranting reminds me of Deborah Wiles book," Love, Ruby Lavender"  My post title would make a good book title ... wouldn't it.

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Irene Latham said...

That is CRAZY! And yeah, that's a good title. :)