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Friday, August 31, 2012

Can I hear a Roll Tide Roll

I love college football.  I watched South Carolina and Vandy last night... I was pulling for Vandy... they could have won... just hate it when a team shoots themselves in the foot.  I started to put an Alabama shirt on Lexie and sunglasses, and get her to hold a pom pom but she looked at me so pitiful that I didn't.... after all she will growl when I say Auburn and roll over when I say Roll Tide Roll.  Good Dog!

I wish that everyone enjoyed football like Ronnie and I do... we don't have a fantasy team, we don't bet on the games we just enjoy good football.

Oh yea, sausage balls, hot wings and brats are also part of the reason we like football.

May the team you love best win tomorrow except Michigan... if you're pulling for them... well I hope you lose BIG time.

Supper tonight isn't too bad... baked chicken, hot potato salad, steamed broccoli with cheese and corm on the cob... yummmmy

I should start a blog... What's for supper Granny?

1 comment:

Irene Latham said...

Hey, that WOULD be a good blog! Can't believe it's football season again. Amazing.