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Monday, June 20, 2011

No beach for me

I've had my grand-dogs since Tuesday of last week and one granddaughter, Lake, while Missy went to see Joe. He's working in Kentucky. Jase is too big to stay with Granny. Was sending the dogs home yesterday... Lake can stay as long as she wants, when the phone rings.

"Mother, Sheila asked me to go to the beach with her... won't cost anything but my eats..."
"That's great. Lake can stay with me next week."
"Okay.... and what about the dogs."
Sigh. "Okay but you have to tell your Daddy."

Daddy said, "I hate those da** dogs."

They're really sweet dogs and know their manners but they bark and they chase everything. They're not Lexie. We have to keep them on the carport when we're not at home because they visit the neighbors.

I don't understand why everyone wants to go to the beach. I love the mountains.

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