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Saturday, June 25, 2011

If you have horses... your work is never done

Horses eat every day and you can't just pitch it in a bowl and walk away. No, no! Everyone goes in their stall, gets their food, is allowed time to eat their food, let out in the order that will cause the least fighting and I'm the boss horse get out of my way ... nipping and biting... yes even good horses do this, shut the gate behind the last one, chain the gate so the smart little demons can't open it and destroy the barn, make sure everything is back in place for the next feeding which will be in twelve hours. Whew.

We love it!

That is just the feeding not the upkeep and repairs of barn, pasture, fences, tractor, etc, etc.

Ronnie, Ron and Kane worked to replace the pipe for the sprinkler system in the riding arena. It could be worst... they could be doing hay in this 90 + temp.

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