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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Had to say goodbye to an old friend today

To look at him you would wonder what made him so special but if you had been one of the hundreds of kids who got their first horse ride on the big red horse with the gentle spirit you would know that looks isn't everything. Never did he let his rider down, always alert to dangers and protecting the rider. Always happy to see a human face and loved loved loved to escape through a open gate. His gait was rough, but his heart was big and his mind was sharp. You never laid anything down while working in the pasture if Pride was around... why? He would steal it and run off with it. Not far, just out of reach and the game would continue until he got bored. I was the first person he saw but my husband was the last. He was a better friend than I could be... I said my goodbyes on Monday.

1 comment:

Irene Latham said...

A good horse, but NOT a better friend than you. Nope.
Sorry he's gone but proud of the life he led. xo