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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horse ownership

Words that are linked to horse ownership

Commitment: Horses are not cheap... oh to buy them they are but they have to be fed twice a day, wormer every 6 to 8 weeks, shod every two months or sooner if they throw a shoe, hoof flex needs to be put on their hoofs every day in this hot dry weather twice a week at least otherwise, fencing, barn, tack, treats, time

Experience: You require the knowledge of care, training and riding. This knowledge can not be learned in an hour, day, week, month... I guess I'm going back to commitment.

Inner Peace: A horse knows your heart and feels your emotions. If they get bad vibes your riding experience will be less than desirable.

Love: For the animal, for the sport... if you do not feel complete joy when you are on a horse, find another hobby.

I love everything about horses, their beauty (outer and inner) the smell of them, the feel of their mane and coat, the soft nickers when they see you, their desire to please and their big hearts to keep going even if they are in pain.

When I die, I hope the Lord sends a horse to carry me home. That he will let my last spiritual moments on earth will be spent astride a horse, its mane tickling my uplifted face as we race toward heaven.


Gail said...

Lovely image at the end of your post....just don't think about doing that ANY time soon!!!!

StableGranny said...

Those are my granddaughters, their horses, and their dogs