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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here comes the Rain...

For the next few days I won't need to water my garden. Here are some pictures. The big skips are from the deer and the dog hair on the ground and the strings on the tomatoes are to keep them out of the garden. The post the tomatoes are tied to are five feet tall. Look how big my babies are getting. The plant on the end was planted this week. Ronnie put the first plant in and he didn't bury the roots deep enough and it died. I planted this one.
We have first row... tomatoes
second row... half okra other half different peppers
Third, forth and fifth row green beans... thank goodness I planted three rows because the deer left maybe two if you took out the skips
sixth... big butter beans
seventh, eight... baby Lima beans
ninth, tenth, eleventh... butter peas... yummmmm
twelfth, thirteenth... squash and zucchini at each end and cucumbers in the middle and then peas that were sowed and not plowed... a little grassy and snakey but the peas do better without tending.

1 comment:

Irene Latham said...

Your garden looks great! I forgot what a nuisance deer could be...