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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Taxes, baseball and St Patrick

First... Top of the Morning to you.... and the rest of the day for myself. My mother was half Irish, maiden name of Dugan. My Dad's father was Scot-Irish last name Trousdale. I've always said I have the blood of hot heads, fighters and farmers. Mother... Irish and German Father... Scot-Irish, French and Black Foot Indian.

Baseball... bring it on. The jarring crack of the bat and the call of "Play Ball" in the air. I'm a Braves fan and I've really not had much to get excited about the last few years... maybe this year will be better. Two granddaughters are playing this year...one is coach pitch and one softball. Grandson said there was too much sweating for him to play baseball but wasn't he cute when he did play.

Taxes... you have one month to "git-r-done"

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