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Saturday, January 9, 2010

You can write about anything

A few years ago I was sitting in a creative writing class and the instructor put an old washboard on the table in front of the class. "Write a poem using this washboard as the theme."

Okay, I'm not good at poetry. What is feet and meter? And is that even how you spell them??

Soooo, I raised my hand and stated, "Give me fiction or give me death!" The instructor asked was a writer or a comedian.

I wrote the poem.

Here it is and you know I enjoyed writing it. This class taught me much about writing but it taught me more about me... I can write anything... maybe not well but I CAN DO!

Mother’s Request

A washboard sits in the corner
A symbol of days gone by
When mother scrubbed our clothes
And hung them up to dry

Washing clothes was hard work
And took most of the day
Tired and worn she sat down to supper
And bowed her head to pray

She asked forgiveness for any wrong
Done to friend, foe or each other
For guidance in heaven’s way
Teaching us to love one another

She thanked him for our many blessings
For each healthy child sitting at the table
Then grinning at daddy she would say
“Lord, if you’re not too busy and if you’re able
If asking for an earthly thing is not too big a sin
Could you send a wringer washer?

Word for today: coterie -- small group having something in common.

A coterie of writers form a critique group called Souther Slang.


Amy Jane said...

It is not impossible to write about anything. If you can not come up with a heart felt poem, just make up a funny story. Anything and everything can be written about. I bet the instructor was not trying to get your best work out of you, but was trying to expand your imagination and creativity.

StableGranny said...

and she got that :)