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Thursday, October 31, 2019

9th Annual Halloweensie Writing Contest!!!

Witchy Sister

 “Sister, I will teach you not to steal from me!” Shard said.
“You stole Grand Zelda’s book first.”  Thorn replied.
“Give me the book.”
“No,” Thorn growled and raised her wand.
 “What trick is this?” Shard demanded.  “Go back to your love potion and leave real magic to me.”
Thorn chanted.
“Softest snare bound him tight.  For one day and night. Out of sight and silent too.  Show my brother I’m not a fool.”
Shard felt an invisible cobweb snake around his body. 
Thorn put the book under her arm and said, “Bye brother. Don’t let the spiders bite.”

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Spiritual Journey Thursday on a Sunday

I've been thinking about our theme this month, The Path and our host Donna Smith at Mainely Write thoughts along with the other members of this group....

I would have to say my path has not been straight or easy.  Let me tell you a story about a girl born in the south in the fifties, when girls were not important except to clean house, have babies and keep their mouths shut.  Except this girl had a Yankee mother... that's right folks... I had a mother that would throw coffee cups at my daddy's hard head and spoke her mind.

You're special Patty Jean.... don't let people put you in a box... spread your wings, she would say.

You can do anything... you're smart, and beautiful... you don't need a husband to be happy, she would say.

If you want it... go for it, she would say.

So I did.

I was a rebel with the family... not bowing down to my daddy's seven sisters that wanted to make me into the perfect southern lady and when I wouldn't bend to their wishes I was bad or wild because I dated different boys every week (a little hint here... boys love girls that don't fall for them... I had ten marriage proposals before I was 16)

I had a wonderful childhood.... playing ball like a boy, riding my horse, chasing piglets and loving my dogs.  One of my annoying actions was singing while I was swinging high... reaching for the sky ... sing at the top of my lungs and not caring that the country neighbors didn't love my off key performance.

My senior year everything was set... college, vet school or horse trainer or something exciting.  But then I met this blue eyed devil and bam  I was a girl... I've loved him for 49 years and this was where my easy path got bumpy and narrow.  My parents hated him of course.  He was going to hold me back... he wasn't good enough for their unstoppable daughter.  Well I married him three weeks after graduation and had his baby seven months after that. 

Let me tell you something... life was great in that small two room house my granddaddy let us live in.  This wild crazy always going girl had a husband and baby and I loved it.  Oh, times were hard where bills were concern.  I always had anything and everything I wanted or needed but now well money was tight.

Four years later, I had my son and then the kids were in school and we was building a house and I had a job and he had a job that involved school and we were busy busy busy for the next 18 years. 

Then the kids finished school and it was just me and him again.  Just when we was enjoying life as a couple again... My husband had a life changing accident.  He was unable to work, or ride horses or dance.  Money was tight again but we got closer.  We played cards, watched football, talked on the front porch. 

So, my path has leveled out and the going is easy.  I discovered while I traveled this path that God's everyday blessings are all you need to be happy.  To be loved by family and friends are treasures.  And the other stuff... the what ifs are just rocks to trip you on your
path to a good life. 

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Spiritual Journey First Thursday

In the spirit of me returning to writing... like sitting at my computer and writing... This blog is dedicated to things that we wait on to return.  Like a bad penny I have returned... does anyone know what that means... what makes a bad penny??  going to look that up

Some of my favorite returning things...
rain in the spring when everything is blooming and fields have been plowed

Hummingbirds... wouldn't it be cool to sit in your sun room and watch them in the winter too
Roses... I love roses... all of them

I can hardly wait each year for my first fresh tomato sandwich... white bread with mayo and one thick red tomato slice and a little salt... Food for the Gods

Watermelons... people I can eat me some watermelon

For the little Wrens that nest in all my hose hangers and bushes to build nest and hatch out their babies... the male Wrens will sit on the railing of my deck and sing every morning while the nest has eggs or babies

For the honeysuckle and blackberries to bloom... one fills the woods with heavenly smell and the other paints the woods with snowflakes of white against the deep green of new leaves

I wait very impatiently for the first new chicks to be hatched.  
I love looking in every pasture as I drive to work for new calves or colts
I love the smell of the first fireplace fires in the fall and showers of leaves dancing around me and my dogs when we walk to the barn

I LOVE the return of college football and how my husband and I talk about each game and watch polling release .... I also love to good-naturally pick at my friends that are not Bama fans... I know can you believe there is such a thing.

I love Black Friday... oh not the shopping but the fun me and the kiddos have enjoying it all
I love Christmas not the gift giving but the memories present and past   My grandbabies always spend the night at my house on Christmas Eve eve and we watch Christmas movies and look at past Christmas pictures and just cuddle and enjoy each others company... no pressure of any kind and then on Christmas Eve morning we all eat breakfast together... that I cook ... and then we open presents... But there is a catch at my house... you have to do three things before you can get your present (like walk backwards around kitchen table three times singing Frosty the snowman) No present is free you have to work for it.  and there are no names on any present under the tree.. only I know which goes to who.

Then Winter.... a new year, a clean slate, crisp and new.  The recharging months and waiting for all the above to return.

What's the meaning of the phrase 'A bad penny always turns up'?
A disreputable or prodigal person will always return. More generally, this proverb refers to the recurrence of any unwanted event.
What's the origin of the phrase 'A bad penny always turns up'?
This proverb has lived long in the language. It derives from the notion that some coins were 'bad', that is, they were debased or counterfeit.
What made whoever coined this proverb link bad pennies with the notion of something unwelcome returning isn't now clear. Perhaps it was the sense that, if you clip or pass on a bad penny, it won't be long before it comes back to you in your change. Our present day expression of that would be 'what goes around comes around'.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Don't Pay the Ransom I escaped

I've been reglecting my blog this summer... along with my writing, quilting, reading 
I've been a bum but I will do better
I guess I've been living the oldie but goldie Summer Time

Summertime and the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high

Only now in the south, you hardly see high cotton... and there is more corn in the fields now.  Have y'all noticed how there is less and less fields and pastures and more apartments and storeage building.  What are we all going to eat in twenty years.  Like I will care... I'll be eating soft food in a nursing home I guess.  Sigh... next week I will have a birthday... 67 years old

When I first started looking old... I just didn't look in mirrors.  Now I'm feeling old.

Well, I'm going to keep going untill the Lordcalls me home... I hope he makes my heaven body suitable for boots and jeans... I want to race a good horse across those clouds.  

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Spiritual Journey First Thursday - March 1

This month Karen Eastlund will be blogging about "Facing the Music.
 Here are my thoughts on music.  As a tone deaf, country listen, musical loving old lady, my thoughts lean toward unconventional music.  Like a child's laughter... a summer night with crickets, bullfrogs and katydids singing...the soft whisper of "I love" from my husband of 49 years.

Music is partly hearing but it's also feeling.  Irene can confirm that music makes me dance but it doesn't touch my soul like it does for so many other people.  I can take it or leave it.  But nature's music fills me with peace and happiness.  It makes me realize I'm just a tiny particle in the universe.  Human music makes me feel love and my soul craves this music.  I'm a simple person with simple needs... I don't look to material things to be happy... no I just need my family, friends and my animals to be completely happy. 

May you enjoy my kind of music all your life. 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Spiritual Journey First Thursday 2018

Today Donna has asked that we post something about the moon and how it makes us feel.  Click on her name and check out her blog.

The Moon... ahhh so many different emotions.  My granny would tell me that a crest moon was really God"s thumb nail.  I believed her and would always tell my family that God was cutting his nails each time I saw one.

I also remember Mother pointing to the moon and I would recite the verse she taught me... I think it was in the womb...

I see the moon and the moon sees me
God bless the moon and God bless me

So sometimes when I see the moon, I think about love ones that are in heaven.

Then I remember the day man walked on the moon.  I was in 5th grade and I didn't really care that a man was walking on the moon.  I wanted to go outside to play but Nooooo we had to stay glued to a black and white TV and watch history .  Boring.... for a 11 year old

Then came my teen years..... ohlala... moonlight took an entirely different meaning.  But to this day, when I see a full moon reflecting off water... I have to kiss my husband.... I remember how much we love each other back then ... like a raging river rush toward a uncertain ending... that river doesn't rage any more but current is still just as strong.

This finally picture shows what the moon meant most of the time to me and my cousins.  Being scared and scaring others.  When I see clouds over the moon I think of haunted houses and barns... dares that would make you knees knock and your teeth rattle.  And campfire ghost stories stays in your dreams until you die. 

Some say that the moon has powers, I know it has a hand with the tide and Indians have always though the blessing of the moon would make the tribe stronger.  But for me, I see it as a reminder that we are not alone, even in the darkest hour of night.  It reminds us to look to heaven for guidance. 

Oh yes, I nearly forgot the best thing about a full moon.  Going on a trail ride guided only by moonlight and a good horse.  Try it!  I swear you will love it.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Oasis in Winter

The Sun is shining and all is right with the world.  I've got quilts airing on the line. The chickens are happy pecking and scratching in the pasture and woods.  My dogs have been playing all morning.  And I feel like doing some chores that have been waiting for a while to get done.  

I just finished a Knowledge Power artricle about the Winter Olypmics for the Kidsville News paper and I discovered things I never knew while researching.  Raised in the south, I never really followed the Winter Olympics because skiing. skating and bobsledding is something I've never done or had the opportunity to do.  Well, once I sledded down the hill in front of my house on a Formica table top .... which flies but has no steering... that did not end well for me and ended my days of winter sports.  Getting back to the article, I was amazed now little I knew about the Winter Olympics.  Oh, I knew about the speed skating and figure skating and skiing events.  I knew about ice hockey, of course and luge and bobsledding.

I was amazed and intrigued to learn about these other sports.  I can't wait to watch these events next month.