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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Keeping on Track

So, I've decided that my lack of writing has been my lack of learning.  When I first started writing seriously, I read, studied and wrote every day.  I still read but not stuff that would help me grow as a writer.  So here are my helper this month and maybe for a few months:

1. The Everyday Writer by Andrea A. Lunsford
2.The Open Handbook by Ann Raimes with Maria Jerskey
3. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Publishing Children's Books by Harold D. Underdown
4. Painless Writing by Jeffrey Strausser

 I'm reading two books to imspire me, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott and Eats Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss

Learning new words too.

alacrity - briskness, lively action

feint - a false attack

pugnacious - quarrelsome

promulgate - to make known officially

disdain - contempt

The horse alacrity movements let me know I would be sore after the trail ride.

My grandmother's pugnacious behavior makes holiday's hard for my mother.

The officer would not promulgate the charges against my son.

Can y'all make sentences using the above words?  It's fun.

Here is a tidbit I read today.  It speaks to me because I'm guilty of this.

Give yourself large blocks of time for a long work, allowing yourself to become immersed.  Reading quickly in short sessions will lead to sketchy or superficial understand of the work.  As Woody Allen puts it, "I took a course in speed reading and I've just finished War and Peace.  It pertains to Russia."

Friday, January 5, 2018

Spiritual Journey First Thursday 2018

Yes I know it's Friday... Yes I'm bad because I could have posted yesterday but I went to see a sick friend and it was soooo cold just for that short trip, I wrapped up on the couch with a book, then the sandman visited me and when I woke up it was supper time, feeding time etc
Forgive me Margaret.

Be sure to check out Margaret blog as she gets us started on the new year.

We're talking about our word for the year.  I did not do justice to my word last year so I'm using it again this year.

My word is "Junket"
  1. 1.
    a dish of sweetened and flavored curds of milk, often served with fruit.
  2. 2.
    an extravagant trip or celebration

Life is a junket if you're willing to take the trip.... there is always a dish of goodness if you look for it.

Extravagant trip can be anything that involves adventure and we celebrate the fun, knowledge and growth the journey presents.

I'm going on a trip of personal growth this year and I'm starting great by being a day late but me time is part of that growth. Not an excuse ... well maybe a little one.

I will be on a trip training my new puppy, Lottie Mae, and I need to thank my family and one special friend... Irene for giving her to me for Christmas.  She has been a great joy, such a character 

She's the little one looking at the camera and doesn't have the look of discuss on her face,the other two rather not get their picture made

This is at my shop and they are not happy being in big dog pen.  I'm a dog groomer for those of you that might know and the girls go to work with me every day.  Most of the time they get the run of the shop but when we're busy they have to get out of our way.  

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Spiritual Journey for December

We're talking about one little word.  Check out our host for December Irene about her one little word.

My Word for 2017 was Junket

I'm going on a journey of promises...  

 I promise to write every day                nope broke my promise  

I promise to blog every week               nope broke my promise                             

I promise to submit every month        nope broke my promise

   Junket definition: a journey taken for pleasure  

But I have taken a journey this year... my husband was told he was a diabetic this year... he had a stint in his heart the end of 2016 and the roller coaster ride of doctors and medicine has put this super charged A personality in overdrive..... when you ask why you need a certain medicine or procedure DO NOT talk mumble jumble and then get mad when I stop you and request southern English please

Great report this month... off all medicines and A1C is 6  
So if y'all think it would be okay, I think I'm going to give junket another shot.  Don't you just love the word.  
"Oh, I can't made your party.  I have a junket planned with my friends."  OH wait I do... girls day planned for next Monday.... tons of catching up, good food and antiquing.  Best Day Ever.

I want to wish each of you a glorious December, filled with special people, favorite foods, giving hearts and replenished souls. I hope you take the time to embark on a junket that will fulfill your adventurous spirit.  

And finally I would like to share a poem I wrote years ago ... just know I'm not a poet


Kindness in a hardened heart
All year it plays the part
Stingy, selfish, mean
Good traits can’t be seen

What is this special potion?
Is it real or just a notion
Caroling, laughter, a feeling of peace
Eggnog, evergreen, a child’s happy face

Family, friends with love abound
Peace goodwill all around
Is this God’s way to heal the heart?
A chance each year for a new start

Deep in human souls
Looms the heavenly father’s goals
Faith, love, charity are the answer
Guided by a babe in a manger

I just have to do it... ROLL TIDE ROLL

Friday, November 3, 2017

Spiritual Journey for November

So today isn't Thursday... I'm always a dollar short and a day late... forgive me

Gratitude is the topic today and be sure to check out Irene blog on this subject. 

I looked up the definition and was intrigued to fine this... I was grateful for the surprise..

Gratitude defined for English-language learners

a feeling of appreciation or thanks

My list of gratitude

1. My mean aunts that thought I didn't matter because I wasn't a boy and couldn't carry on the family name.... you made me strong and independent, happy to be in my own skin

2. My mother who was from Rhode Island, she made me a little bit northern where you mind your own business and shoo
t straight when you do have something to say.

3. My Dad who taught me to be tough... no coddling and to always play to win or don't play

4. My kids who forced me into being able to multitask 

5. My grandkids who taught me how good it felt to love without the pressure of parenting

6. My husband who taught me the unlimited boundary of love and the depths of "I'm going to kill him"

7. And finally to my friends that forgive my many faults, push me to be more, laugh at my jokes and cry with me even if they don't understand why I'm sad.

This week I'm so thankful to my family and one dear friend that made my Christmas wish come true.  Meet my new pup Lottie Mae.  

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Courage lesson from a good friend

I have a dear friend that lives in Florida and works at a hospital ... no chance for her to evacuate.  She has a son that lives in Ocala... her baby.  I've talked to her several times in the last week, giving long distance support, and wishing I could do more.  Yes, she was stressed and yes she was worried but her last text to me said... it's headed toward y'all be careful.  This meaning the hurricane is going to travel up into North Alabama and she was worried about tornadoes.  How much courage it takes to stand and face the storm when your knees are knocking.  To be worried about everyone else and put your fears aside.  True courage is in what you do not what you say.  So glad to call her friend.

A few quotes

 A great deal of talent is lost in this world for the want of a little courage   
Author Unknown

 The hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer   
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The battle is not to the strong alone: it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave 

 Patrick Henry

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Spiritual Journey Thursday for September

The word for this month comes from Ramona, go check out her blog.
So the word is Nourish....

You nourish your mind with books and adventures

You nourish you heart with love... not just for your family but for all living creatures

You nourish body with exercise, good food and meditation

You nourish you soul with prayer and faith

A woman is the perfect example of nourish.  Think about all the ways a woman nourishes her child, husband, family, friends, church, and community.  I'm not going to list all the examples because this is a blog not a book.

Don't forget to nourish yourself and that doesn't mean taking care of yourself...
Nourish with imagination, knowing your own self worth, and to use a cliche, dance like not one is watching.  Embrace LIFE

I found this poem and to me (since I'm getting older) represents life being nourished

Here, Again: The Autumn Equinox

I’m here, again…
Come riding in, upon the western wave
My hair all wove with golden leaves, my breast
As pale as moonlight on a hidden grave
And all the sins of summer long confessed

I come, again…
In sweeping skirts, with white swan feathers strewn
To brush the summer dust from weary grass
Make ash of aspen, damp the flame of noon
Before the frost freeze water into glass 
I bring, to you…
Windfallen apples, berries from the hedge
Long shadows on the barrows, and the chalk
Wild winds to stir the willows and the sedge
And mist, and myth, down every path you walk

I’m here, again…
The promise of the harvest to fulfil
The energy of autumn, streaming through
The swirling springs that spiral round the hill
To drench the land in red and russet hue

I come, again…
Between the longest day and shortest night
To fill the blood and marrow of your bones
With all the orange glory of the light
Before the dark descend upon the stones

I bring, to you…
A cornucopia of ripened fruit
Dark juices of the vine in bottles bright
To nourish soul and body, to transmute
Your thought to dream, your dream to second sight

For I am She…
Am Autumn writ, in every field and tree
Am mistress of the Owl and running Hare
So yield unto my kiss, and bless├ęd be
And dance with me, oh Druid, if you dare…

@ Gail Foster 23rd September 2016

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Spiritual Journey First Thursday for August

How many times have you said... "I wish I could start over.  I would do things different."  
You're wishing for a new beginning.  Check out Julianne's web page and read about her "New Beginnings" 

Stop and think about it, every step is a new beginning. 

 Heck, every breathe brings you to a new place.  

So instead of new beginnings, I like to say a new awareness of life.  

When I was young everything was in the moment... let tomorrow's worries wait until then but as I got older I pondered on tomorrow.  Such a waste of time.  

 Now I'm older enough to realize you should cherish what you have.... right now...love your life...NOW... plan for a future but not at the expensive of today.  

Take today's steps slowly and relish where they take you... because you might not walk them again.