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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cool, no stumps from the trees

I posted yesterday's blog on my lunch break looking out the window at the trees. Came home and the trees were still in the yard looking very sad but soooo cool, Ronnie had someone come and chew up the stumps.
Lexie, my dog, was very upset with strange things in her yard but I figure once she gets over the fact that something is out of place... she will enjoy chewing up small limbs. She's really a beaver in dog clothes.
Think about it, 50 years ago a man would spend hours trying to remove a stump from a field or yard and 100 years ago he would have spent days. Now it takes less than thirty minutes.
The picture I'm posting today is of my mother, father and uncle in 1949. long before I was even a twinkle in my fathers eyes (old saying my grandmother said) It's hard to imagination my parents as teenagers (good lord it's hard for me the remember me as a teenager.

Word for today: modify -- to change

If we do not modify as we age we will not enjoy the ride on life's highway.


Amy Jane said...

Wow, Grandaddy and Granny! If it is hard seeing your parents as teenagers, think how hard it is seeing my grandparents as teenagers! Haha. That is a pretty cool picture.

Lori W. said...

Love the picture. I was absolutely fascinated by my mom's high school scrapbook and photos.

Modification and getting older are kind of delightful of late. Shedding my youthful burdens of knowing-it-all and excessive worrying about people's opinions of me equals a new, light grace. Change is good.