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Friday, January 15, 2010

Have you ever felt like the entire world is against you

I know I have but as humans most of the time we express or unhappiness orally. This picture speaks for it self. Let me give you some back ground history. This is Dixie, my granddaugther's horse. Dixie is a lesson horse and anyone can ride or groom her. They have this riding camp every year at our barn, usually six to seven 6 to 12 year old kids. On the last day they get to do something silly and fun. Last year they decided they wanted to paint a horse... I mean PAINT a horse. I thought Dixie looks great, but I don't think she appreciated the hard work the kids did to get just the right look. What do you think? I promise we washed her off right after the kids went home... but Dixie stayed mad for the few days.

You probably can't read what is on the halter but it says "I love my horse" I think Dixie is saying "Liar"

Word for today: neurotic -- suffering from a nervous disorder

Dixie wondered if all humans had neurotic personalities.

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Amy Jane said...

aw poor Dixie! i hope she isn't still mad next time i ride her. hehe. i think she is trying to give you the evil eye in this picture.