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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Start walking you'll come out somewhere

One of the biggest fears beginner writers have is not starting their novels in the right place. Take it from someone that finished a novel, revised by adding four chapters to beginning and three to end, then revised again and added two more chapters to the beginning. Well, in truth the two new ones are in progress but happening. Just start, because you can't write a novel if you never start a novel.
I tell everyone that I'm writing my novel backward.

Word for today: origin -- beginning, or derivation from a source; the point at which something begins or rises or from which it derives; something that creates, causes, or gives rise to another

The origin of any novel is the first word.

ps the origin of our nation started with the Revolutionary War. This is a picture from my trip to Williamburg. Those are the drummers for George Washington's troops.

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