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Friday, January 8, 2010

Warm pineapple upside down cake, coffee and a book

Sounds like heaven to me. I miss my grandbabies and they want to come to granny's house sooooo guess who has to get in his big ole truck and go get them... you got it Ronnie. Ain't it nice to play the helpless southern woman... You're so big and strong and you have such a big truck that little ole me wouldn't think of trying to drive those semi-icy roads with someone like you in the basement. :)
My Hero! hahahahaahhasnort
Well it's going to get my babies here.

I was plotting today on Bridges decided to take a break and check on Sara's blog. There was a interview with Irene and a video clip. As Irene read a part of her book, I realized that the south has bred tough, independent females since Columbus came to America. Do you suppose the Indians that were here first had women like the ones through history? If I had to guess, I would say yes.

The Husband is the circle of the family unit but the mother is the glue that keeps everyone attached to the circle.

Live like tomorrow will never come, love like you want to be loved and tell your mother you love her. You never know when she might not be there for you to say the words.

Word for today: lucrative -- profitable

Live each day and make your life lucrative in joy, happiness and love.

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Gail said...

Hey! I was all set for a description of that warm pineapple upside cake.....I can almost smell it. Oh, that's the coffee smell getting in the way! I know how to make the coffee, care to share the upside recipe with me? Please???? Here's my email to make it easier for you :-)
(g underscore handle at symbol bellsouth dot net )
Love ya StableGranny!!!