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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Baby

My son is 39 today... seems like only yesterday the nurse came into my room just a few hours after I delivered a 9lb 15 oz baby boy and asked.... Mrs. Weaver you son will not stop crying.  Can we bring him to you.  Bless his sweet heart... the minute they put him in my arms he snuggled and started snuffing ... his entire body would shake.  They left him with me the rest of my hospital stay except during visiting hours.  That was almost unheard of in those days.  My husband didn't even get to hold our children until we started home with them. 

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Pumpkin Head we love ya.... yes he was a red headed baby


Wanda Robertson said...

Time flies. You have a handsome baby!

Sheila said...

Does it make you feel old? It doesn't seem like your children should be so old 'cuz you always so young at heart.