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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Frustrating Day....

All was good until about 3 pm then everything went wrong.... first I should not have went to look at my garden just after a rain... muddy muddy and grassy grassy and of course I had to hoe some of the worst weeds.... my green thumb is a little brown this year... or maybe it's the crazy temps

Then I went to the chicken house and lordy lordy...I have two hens that hatched out chicks and they had been fighting.  The other "no mama hen" chicks were huddled in a corner afraid to move.  So I put the hen with the older chicks in the big pen and first thing she did was jump on my buff that is sitting on eggs in a nest.  So I guess you could say I was having a chicken fight today... and let me tell you those girls went at it.  At first, I was going to let them settle this among themselves but they would not stop.  So I built a little fort around the buff hen's nest but the old mama hen would not let her back on her nest .... what did I do... I flogged that hen pecking at her with my fingers like she was getting the other hen.... I know someone should have been taping it but I settled the fuss and everyone calmed down.  Chickens really are stupid creatures but I so love to watch them... old mama hen  better be glad or she would have been in the stew pot tomorrow.

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