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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 44th Ronnie

44 years ago today me and my best friend got married... He said "I reckon" and I said "I do" and our wedding music was my Mama and his mother crying.... no kidding
Why you might ask... well he was only 16 and I was only 17 and everyone in the entire community didn't give us a snowball chance in hell of making it but "just look at us now"

We were in Birmingham last night and good friends Irene and Paul Latham treated us to the best steak ever... thanks thanks thanks

While we waited at the restaurant for them to join us, we sat at the bar and Ronnie had a beer.... the bartender asked if we was celebrating a special occasion and Ronnie said well tomorrow is our 44th wedding anniversary and the lady said (hoping for a bigger tip I guess) why I thought you was boyfriend and girlfriend... how nice. when people stay together.  Ronnie pointed at me and said, "That is the meanest woman in Zip City."  (he always says that)  The woman looks at me then looks back at Ronnie and says..."Ahhh but you like because you look happy."

Here hoping you look happy everyday.

PS 65 years ago yesterday my moma and daddy got married here is their wedding picture

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Irene Latham said...

So good to see you! I need to send you the pic I took of y'all. xo